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You might be won­der­ing what are the best email mar­ket­ing tools you can use. Well there are many and you can choose them based on your needs.

In case you’ve been want­i­ng to cre­ate your own pro­fes­sion­al emails instead of using out­look then you are at the right place. With MS Out­look you can send mul­ti­ple emails but you can not get the same ben­e­fits. So I wouldn’t rec­om­mend it any of the search engine emails like Yahoo, GMail when there tools designed to help you build a list.

Some of this tools list­ed here come with a free ver­sion or a low­er price to help you test them for a while before upgrad­ing. Most of this tools accept Pay­Pal as their pay­ment method so I would advice you to open a Pay­Pal account. You real­ly need one of this tools to enhance your email mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy and to build a list for  your online busi­ness.


MailChimp is one of the lead­ing email ser­vice providers with over sev­en mil­lion users. Is one of those that offers free ver­sion for life. With a free email account you can get up to 2000 sub­scribers and send up to 12000 emails per month. Well you can also design your cam­paigns with their easy to use appli­ca­tion. But the pre­mi­um ver­sion is far bet­ter than the free one since you get every ser­vice. Their pre­mi­um ver­sion start from $10 a month. It also accom­mo­dates a big­ger team of up to 85 000 sub­scriber with their $450 per month pack­age. This is the first email mar­ket­ing tool I used and I had some good expe­ri­ence using it. It won’t take time fig­ur­ing it out, it has a sim­ple user inter­face.


Awe­ber is one of the old­er email ser­vice pro­vides on this list. If you are still start­ing out on list build­ing and want a more pro­fes­sion­al low cost ESP then go for Awe­ber. It fea­tures signup forms, autore­spon­der fol­low ups, cus­tomiz­able HTML tem­plates. You can also turn your blog posts into email newslet­ters. It uses a drag and drop to design also most every­thing. You don’t have to wor­ry about how to use it. It has a free tri­al of 30 days while the pre­mi­um pack­age start at $19 per month. You can get up to 500 sub­scribers with this pack­age which is enough for new blog­gers who want to get start­ed.


This is anoth­er of the great­est email mar­ket­ing tools. It has a lot of fea­tures includ­ing land­ing pages, email forms and webi­na­rs. GetRe­sponse is more advance com­pared to most ESPs in terms of fea­tures and looks. They also have a free tri­al to let you test things out for 14 days. If you want to start receiv­ing the best ser­vice you can go for the paid ver­sion. Their small­est pack­age starts at $15 per month, which gives up to 1000 sub­scribers and goes to $799 for the big­ger pack­age. You don’t have to sign up for a con­tract mean­ing you can just stop pay­ing if you don’t want to use it any­more.

Constant Contact

This one of the of the best email mar­ket­ing tools that gives you the longest free tri­al of up to 60 days. Con­stant Con­tact has sev­er­al aux­il­iary tools you can use like event mar­ket­ing tools and sur­vey tool. Is not too pricey if you think of it, you can get start­ed from $20 per month. With Con­stant Con­tact you get to cus­tomize tem­plates and you get  built in ana­lyt­ics and social shar­ing.


Mail­Jet offers a free plan just to help you get start­ed in your cam­paigns. For just $7.49 per month, Mail­Jet is one of the most afford­able email mar­ket­ing ser­vice providers. Is also one of those that has a drag and drop fea­ture and decent tem­plates to design your cam­paigns . You get email mar­ket­ing wid­gets to help you cap­ture emails from sub­scribers. With Mail­Jet you can send up to 30 000 emails per month.


With iCon­tact you get a lot of email mar­ket­ing tem­plates with a sim­ple inter­face. No design skills required to use this plat­form, you can drag any­thing to design your newslet­ters. You also get the social shar­ing, which allows you to share your con­tent to var­i­ous social chan­nels includ­ing Face­book, Twit­ter and LinkedIn. The iCon­tact prices start from $14 per month for 500 sub­scribers. And you can get up to 10 000 sub­scribers for $79 per month.


Mail­er­lite brings in a dif­fer­ent dimen­sion all togeth­er. Is a free tool that allows you to build a list of up to 1000 email sub­scribers and there are no lim­its as to how many emails you can send per month. In terms of fea­tures Mail­lite a drag and drop edi­tor, list man­age­ment and more.  This tool comes with build-in land­ing page appli­ca­tion and also with pop­ups. You can embed the pop­ups into your blog or web­site with ease. Mail­er­Lite enables you to inte­grate com­mon email newslet­ters with mar­ket­ing automa­tion dimen­sions. The price start at $10 per month for up to 5000 sub­scribers and you get up to 50 000 sub­scribers with $100 per month.

Benchmark Email

The Bench­mark Email fea­tures are sim­i­lar to the MailChimp fea­tures. Is a free email mar­ket­ing tool which gives you up to 2000 free email sub­scribers and you can send up to 14000 emails per month. It makes it sim­ple to man­age your email list and you can also do A/B test­ing. You can cus­tomize sign-up forms for dif­fer­ent social media sites includ­ing your web­site. You don’t get all the fea­tures in their free plan so if you need more you can take the $12 pack­age to get more.


Stream­Send is not free but you do get a 30 free tri­al to test it out. The fea­tures are great since you get to man­age your list, easy optin and optout, import­ing and export­ing of con­tacts and so on. The plans start from $20 per month for up 2000 email sub­scribers. The most attrac­tive fea­ture on this tool is the email ana­lyz­er which lets you test mes­sages in mul­ti­ple email clients.


So far we spoke of free and low cost with free tri­al now we go Pro. This is a more pricey but the best email mar­ket­ing tool. You don’t have to com­plain about the price because of the ser­vice they give you. Con­vertK­it is also one of the advanced ESP’s and you are charged base on the num­ber of sub­scribers you have and the price starts at $49 per month. If you are look­ing to build a big list or go Pro in your affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing busi­ness then Con­vertK­it is the ESP you need.

Vertical Response

Ver­ti­cal Response is not just an one of the best email mar­ket­ing tool. Is more like a all in one tool with fea­tures such as social media mar­ket­ing, event mar­ket­ing, online sur­veys and many oth­er tools. You can select from many tem­plates and also be able to do email analy­sis. This is a exten­sive plat­form and It also includes shar­ing capa­bil­i­ties. It offers com­pre­hen­sive reports that are  easy to analyse. If you are more into insights and want a email ser­vice provider that  can use then Ver­ti­cal Response is yours.

Final thoughts

As you can see there many best email mar­ket­ing tools you can use. You just need to choose the one that meets your needs.  They all have their pros and cons which can be eas­i­ly spot­ted. In terms of high qual­i­ty low cost email ser­vice provider you can use a tool like Awe­ber, But if you want a com­plete­ly free tool then MailChimp can be con­sid­ered. Apart from those two you can make a deci­sion main­ly on the fea­tures pro­vid­ed.

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