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Blog post ideas you can write about and get traffic

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Every time we write a blog post we often think about the amount of traf­fic it will receive. Traf­fic is the most impor­tant fac­tor for any web­site to be online. With­out it many online busi­ness­es would per­ish, they often do when they don’t get traf­fic. But the prob­lem starts when you run out of ideas to write about.

On this arti­cle I’ll cov­er blog post ideas that you can to pro­duce con­tent that will send traf­fic to your web­site. When­ev­er you start run­ning out of ideas you can come back to this list to check it out and gen­er­ate more blog posts.

When it comes to blog­ging cre­ativ­i­ty is always required but as we all know, you can not come up with high traf­fic blog post every time.

Please Note: Not all of this blog post ideas will be rel­e­vant to your niche, some might and some might not be rel­e­vant to your niche.

I did this list to accom­mo­date many blog­ger in many blog nich­es. You can choose the ideas that you think will work for you in your niche.

Here’s a list of blog posts ideas you write about in your blog

  1. Write List post

A list post is list of any­thing it can be 1 to 5 or 1 to 1000. List post often do well in search engines

  1. Some­thing amaz­ing you recent­ly learned

We all learn inter­est­ing stuff in our lives. And the best way to teach is to share freely. Write about it on your blog.

  1. Take an info­graph­ic and turn it into blog post

If you start run­ning out of ideas you can search for info­graph­ics in your niche. Turn them into a well writ­ten guest post. Only you will know that you took someone’s info­graph­ic, no one can prove that any­way.

  1. Take a video and turn it into a blog post

A video makes it easy and short to explain some­thing. Take video and turn it into an arti­cle. It could be yours or some­one else’s. if not your don’t write word for word cre­ate your own words out of it.

  1. Ask your friends and fam­i­ly for blog post

If your friends and fam­i­ly sup­port you in your blog­ging career they might sug­gest some good posts. Ask them if they have any good arti­cle ideas in mind to help you out.

  1. Your best blogs in your niche

If you are real­ly into blog­ging, you will have a few favorite blogs in you niche. Write about them as if you are review­ing each and every­one of them.

  1. Open a poll on your blog

Let your audi­ence vote on any­thing inter­est­ing on you blog. Cre­ate a poll arti­cle an let it help you make some sot of a deci­sion.

  1. Write tuto­r­i­al posts

The inter­net is build on help­ful tuto­ri­als. Peo­ple go online to learn things. this gives you an oppor­tu­ni­ty to write tuto­ri­als about any top­ic.

  1. Best Word­Press themes

Word­Press has a lot of themes to choose from. You can select some of the best themes and write about them.

  1. Best Word­Press plu­g­ins

If you are using Word­Press you will use plu­g­ins. Plu­g­ins help users to add an extra fea­ture in their site. There are many word­press plu­g­ins that you can write about. Choose so of them and com­pare how they work in blog post or just write the ones you like. Exam­ple Yoast plu­g­in is the best Word­Press SEO.

  1. Write ulti­mate guides

Ulti­mate guides are usu­al­ly long and have use­ful infor­ma­tion about some­thing.

  1. How to + posts

A how to post is very com­mon and it helps read­ers under­stand how to per­form a task. Write a how to blog post. A good exam­ple is how to start a blog.

  1. Write a com­par­i­son post

Is always great to com­pare cer­tain things. You can find a lot of things to com­pare, tools are just some of them.

  1. A- Z Post

You can write a alpha­bet­i­cal post from A‑Z show­ing some the impor­tant things in your niche. It can include tools, pro­grams and oth­er major blogs.

  1. The books you’ve pub­lished

If you’ve already pub­lished a book then well done. So how about writ­ing an arti­cle giv­ing sam­ples about your book? Sure you can do that, it will help you pro­mote the book.

  1. Use a pop­u­lar quote

There are lot’s of pop­u­lar quotes that can be turned into a blog post. Find the one that can res­onate with you and be cre­ative about it.

  1. Quiz post

Ques­tions are often the best way to pro­duce more con­tent. Write a quiz post

  1. Ask your read­ers to write posts for you

Your blog can be a great plat­form some of your audi­ence to show­case their skills. Help them gain that expo­sure in your blog.

  1. 5 best books in your niche

There could some inter­est­ing books in your niche. In fact every niche inter­est­ing books. Find them, read them and share as your one of the arti­cles.

  1. A book review

Review one of the books you’ve read. Tell peo­ple what you’ve learned from the book.

  1. Pro­file your career

Some peo­ple might be inter­est­ed in you career path. A blog gives that plat­form where you can share all of that.

  1. 5 ways you get traf­fic to your blog

If your blog is already get­ting traf­fic and you can track the results share that. Shar­ing your traf­fic strate­gies can also help you rank high and get more traf­fic.

  1. What you wish you knew before get­ting start­ed in blog­ging

What is it that you didn’t know before you got start­ed in blog­ging? You can write a hole list or explain some of them.

  1. Where do you pre­fer to blog
  2. What you could change about your past

Even though we can not change the past but can pre­pare for the future. There might be cer­tain expe­ri­ences of your past life that you can write about. Share some of them as blog post with your audi­ence.

  1. Your recent­ly vis­it­ed places

If you have a trav­el blog then you could write a blog post about a place you’ve just vis­it­ed. Well, if you have a per­son­al blog that include ren­dom top­ics then this can also work.

  1. Write a list of FAQ’s

You might be get­ting fre­quent­ly asked ques­tions in your niche that you can answer. Cre­ate a blog post ded­i­cat­ed to respond­ing to those ques­tions.

  1. Blog­ging resources

There many blog­ging resources online and every mar­keter has their favorite. Choose a list of blog­ging resources that can be of good use to your audi­ence .

My list of blog­ging resources that can help you in blog­ging.

  1. Char­i­ty work you’ve done

If you are involved in a char­i­ty it would be good to give it expo­sure to help it grow. What are the things oth­er peo­ple can do for that char­i­ty explain it in the post. The char­i­ty man­agers or peo­ple involved in it would thank you dear­ly.

  1. Share your best advice

Which advice would you give to your audi­ence. Cre­ate a post that explains it in full.

  1. Mar­ket­ing strate­gies work for you

We tend to apply some online mar­ket­ing strate­gies some of them work while some don’t. Choose the ones that work for you and cre­ate a post about them.

  1. Con­tin­ue your pre­vi­ous posts

You might have writ­ten a blog post but left some­thing out. Cre­ate anoth­er sim­i­lar posts to con­tin­ue the first one. You can do that with two or three posts.

  1. What makes you dif­fer from most blog­gers

There must be some­thing you are proud of that oth­er blog­gers might not have. Share that with your read­ers but don’t over do it. Stay inline so that you don’t offend oth­er blog­gers.

  1. Pro­file a reader/customer

Read­ers or cus­tomers are often over­looked. Pro­fil­ing one on your blog post can bring a smile to many read­ers. Share how they’ve help you grow your blog, give them that kind of expo­sure. More read­ers will start pay­ing atten­tion to your blog.

  1. List the best Forums in your niche

Forums are one of the most used plat­forms online. There’s a forum for every niche, list them and share how they send you traf­fic.

  1. Share how social media helps you gain traf­fic

Social media is one of the best places we often get traf­fic. So choose one of the social chan­nels that you use to get traf­fic help your audi­ence. E.g Pin­ter­est Traf­fic, Twit­ter Traf­fic, Face­book

  1. Inter­view some­one

Inter­view some­one that is doing great, an expert in your niche will do. But you can also inter­view some­one who just got start­ed and their results are great.

  1. Share a list of experts in your niche

Every niche has it own experts, those are the peo­ple who have made it big in your niche. Cre­ate a list of those experts and share their achieve­ments or sto­ries.

  1. Use ani­mat­ed images GIF’s

A com­pi­la­tion of GIF’s images can tell a sto­ry. Find or cre­ate GIFs that you can use in your blog post.

  1. Share a fun­ny moment

What’s the fun­ni­est thing that hap­pened that you can share with your audi­ence.

  1. Choose a fun­ny joke to write about

Depend­ing on your niche, but in some prof­itable nich­es you use a joke to write post. Find a few jokes and select one and be cre­ative about it.

  1. Your blog­ging rou­tine

If you already have a blog­ging rou­tine and it works for you then share it. It might help some of your fol­low­ers get inspired.

  1. Cre­ate a free give­away

Peo­ple like the idea of receiv­ing some­thing for free. So you can cre­ate some­thing print­ed your blog name or any­thing a give it to your read­ers. Write a post about that.

  1. Month­ly goals

If you are one of those ded­i­cat­ed blog­gers sure­ly you will have month­ly goals. An exam­ple would be to give a list of blog post your are plan­ning on writ­ing the cur­rent month.

  1. Share your best tools

This is usu­al­ly one of the best blog post ideas in the indus­try. Every inter­net mar­keters have their best online mar­ket­ing tools or seo tools . Give a list of your most rec­om­mend­ed blog­ging tools as one of your blog post.

  1. Your income reports

Income blog reports tend to attract a lot of vis­i­tors. Top blog­gers use this strat­e­gy every month to have an addi­tion­al blog post.

  1. Impor­tant Month­ly expens­es

Every­one has month­ly blog­ging expens­es and you can turn that into a nice blog posts. That can help your read­ers know what they should spend their mon­ey on.

  1. Things you do out­side of blog­ging

If you are not blog­ging what do you do? Write about that some­one might find it inter­est­ing.

  1. Write a series of blog posts relat­ed to each oth­er

A good exam­ple of a blog­ging series is a blog­ging series where you edu­cate your read­ers about start­ing a blog and things for fol­low ones they install Word­Press.

  1. What moti­vates you?

Peo­ple are moti­vat­ed by a lot of things share with your read­ers what keeps you moti­vat­ed in life.

  1. How you get into blog­ging

Every blog­ger can tell you how they got into blog­ging, write an arti­cle about that.

Final thought

I believe you will nev­er run out of blog post ideas after read­ing this arti­cle. You can also cre­ate your own as time goes so that you can grow your blog. As you cre­ate more con­tent you will get traf­fic to your blog.

There’s a great chance that I might increase this blog post ideas to much high­er num­ber. So keep an eye on this arti­cle so that you don’t run out of ideas. I hope you enjoyed this arti­cle.

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