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When you start a blog you might need to choose a blog­ging plat­form or tool to man­age your blog. There are may con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems or web­site builder tools online. But first you need to know what to look for.

What to look for when you choose a blogging platform:

Before you decide which blog­ging plat­form to go with, you need to under­stand their basics and addi­tion­al fea­tures. As begin­ner you need a sim­ple plat­form that can be easy to man­age. It should have a friend­ly user inter­face so that it makes it easy to write your con­tent, upload images or inte­grate with third par­ty tools.

Since you are new­bie, you shouldn’t go for com­pli­cat­ed fea­tures. You will need to be able to design your own web­site, a basic web­site. After some time you might want to change the look of your web­site or blog, add new fea­tures as your blog grows.

Anoth­er thing to con­sid­er is whether the blog­ging plat­form has a com­mu­ni­ty behind it. A huge com­mu­ni­ty means the tool is used by many peo­ple. And it also means you can get help eas­i­ly in case you come across a prob­lem. The com­mu­ni­ty behind the tool can help so most prob­lems with­out you pay­ing any­one.

The best way to find that com­mu­ni­ty is through a forum, a ded­i­cat­ed forum for the blog­ging tool. Most well estab­lished blog­ging plat­forms have a forum where they share their expe­ri­ences about the tool.

That could help if you come across a minor fault along the way, there’s a high chance that some­one else has also faced the same fault before. There­fore it will be easy to find a solu­tion on the inter­net through forums.

What about security?

Of cause you need to secure your site. A blog­ging tool needs to have reli­able secu­ri­ty fea­tures or you should be able to add one your­self.  If you can not secure your site you might find your site open to hack­ing. So we don’t need such plat­forms.choose a blogging platform wordpress

When you choose a blog­ging plat­form you will will also be able to choose hosting com­pa­ny. The most rec­om­mend­ed host­ing com­pa­ny is Blue­host, it gives all the nec­es­sary blog­ging ben­e­fits. You can also host with Namecheap, that’s if you pre­fer to use bit­coin as pay­ment.

Here are the blogging platforms to choose from:


Word­Press is the one of the first blog­ging plat­forms and it a open source plat­form for blog­gers around the world. There are two types of and and there some dif­fer­ences in them. is the one to choose, it pow­ers over 30% of the glob­al web­sites includ­ing big com­pa­ny web­sites. This plat­form has a mas­sive com­mu­ni­ty behind it and many tuto­ri­als and a big forum and you can ask.

Apart from the forums It’s self you can also find oth­er expert blog­gers online who can pro­vide you with answers.

This is as self host­ed plat­form, you need your own domain name to host it and is free to down­load. Most web host­ing com­pa­nies offer a one click instal­la­tion and can help you host own Word­Press site.

You can do also most any­thing with it, includ­ing cre­at­ing a blog, e‑commerce sites, busi­ness direc­to­ries and more. is makes it easy to cus­tomize the design and it has many themes and plu­g­ins to choose from. It can be used by both begin­ners and expe­ri­enced users and you can load as much con­tent as you want.

It gives an option to embed videos from YouTube and you can also upload images.

There are few dis­ad­van­tages with Word­Press in com­par­i­son with oth­er blog­ging tools. It might take some time to learn Word­Press if you are not tech-savvy.

Word­Press pro­vides the best secu­ri­ty fea­tures, you can install secu­ri­ty plu­g­ins to add extra lay­er of secu­ri­ty.

And when it comes to back­up, your host­ing com­pa­ny can assist you with that, but it wise to also add your own back­up plu­g­ins. Word­Press ver­sions are released to ear­ly includ­ing plu­g­ins and themes.

If you choose Word­Press you will be able to install it on a host­ing account of your choice.


choose a blogging platform joomla

When you choose a blog­ging plat­form you might come  across Joom­la. Sim­i­lar to, Joom­la is a self host­ed blog­ging plat­form or con­tent man­age­ment system(CMS) is also free to down­load. You can cre­ate almost any appli­ca­tion with it. This plat­form also has a com­mu­ni­ty behind it with many tuto­ri­als and e‑books to select from.

It has thou­sands of themes to choose from and you can also cus­tomize your web­site the way you want.

You can find Joom­la exten­sions for some of the things that you can not do on the main Joom­la plat­forms. Exten­sions are sim­i­lar to plu­g­ins in Word­Press, you can either down­load them for free or buy them online.

Some of the the dis­ad­van­tages of Joom­la are that is not easy to use, it’s user inter­face might take you longer to under­stand. The com­mu­ni­ty behind Joom­la is not as big and active as the Word­Press com­mu­ni­ty.

Although there are tuto­ri­als you would still strug­gle with many oth­er things includ­ing rank­ing your site. When it comes to back­up you will have to do it your self, same goes with updates and secu­ri­ty

You might have to high­er an expert and it could be cost­ly to man­age your site unless you have time to learn how it works.


Wix is online host­ed web­site builder that you can also use to start your own blog. It offers free basic design and pre­mi­um design. The site used a drag and drop fea­ture which can make it easy to build a web­site.

You can cus­tomize your web­site using tem­plates. There’s not cod­ing required on wix, even new­bies can use it.

Major dis­ad­van­tages of it is that the free ver­sion of Wix will show their brand­ing on your web­site. There are lim­it­ed third par­ty apps and also you can not cre­at­ed a free e‑commerce site with it, is only pro­vide to pre­mi­um cus­tomers.


Tum­blr is a free microblog­ging site with some social media fea­tures in it. Is good for some­one who wants to share images but lit­tle text con­tent. You can go pre­mi­um by choos­ing a paid tem­plate since it offers that options.

Oth­er than that you can not do much about Tum­blr, it has very lim­it­ed fea­ture in terms of con­tent, that is not good for SEO because search engines rank web­site base on con­tent.


choose a blogging platform wordpress medium

Medi­um is blog­ging plat­form that helps writer share their sto­ry or insights on any­thing. With medi­um you can cre­ate your own blog posts and let peo­ple find them for a read. Is great for any­one who wants expo­sure in writ­ing or blog­ging.

It has good use friend­ly edi­tor and some basic seo tools. You are able to opti­mize your url, add a descrip­tion of your sto­ry.

With a free account you can pub­lish unlim­it­ed sto­ries and three exclu­sive sto­ries per month. If you want more than you can upgrade to a $5 month­ly mem­ber­ship.

You can not entire­ly rely on Medi­um though, because is owned by some­one else. You wont be in con­trol of your domain. Medi­um is good for build traf­fic for your blog.

It is capa­ble of send­ing qual­i­ty free traf­fic to your site if you write qual­i­ty con­tent both on it and on your blog. You can use it to intro­duce some of you post and let peo­ple con­tin­ue read­ing them on your blog. In short it helps you build expo­sure.


choose a blogging platform blogger

Blog­ger is a free blog­ging plat­form from Google, if you have a Google account you can use blog­ger to build your web­site. There are lim­it­ed fea­tures on blog­ger and one of them is the lim­it­ed tem­plates that avail­able.

You don’t need tech­ni­cal skills to cre­ate your blog, just sign in with your Google ID and start your blog just like that.

There’s a high chance that your site can look like many oth­er sites on the plat­form and yow will not be able to change it. Is good for some­one who wants to get their first expe­ri­ence in blog­ging.

You not going to get a unique per­son­al­ized or busi­ness domain name, your domain name will have blogspot exten­sion in it, whether you like it or not.

Since this is a Google plat­form, it’s secu­ri­ty fea­tures a of high stan­dard. You can post as much con­tent as you want. But hey, this Google, you need to be aware of what you post or your site can get shut down in no time.

In terms of the SEO fea­tures your site is not gonna do well com­pared to self host­ed sites who are ful­ly opti­mized for search engines.


Wee­bly is sim­i­lar to Wix in a sense that is a web­site builder not a blog­ging plat­form. You can cre­ate a blog with it though but it might not be as good and easy to man­age like the real blog­ging plat­forms.

With wee­bly You don’t need tech­ni­cal skills as well as well, it offers a drag and drop fea­ture to help you cre­ate your site.

You can choose from many free themes to make your site look beau­ti­ful but you can not add more fea­tures and there lim­it­ed inte­gra­tion with oth­er third-par­ty tools.

And the winner is……?

choose a blogging platform wordpress

If you want to choose a blog­ging plat­form for your blog you should choose Word­Press. With­out a doubt Word­Press is the best blog­ging plat­form to go for and here are the rea­sons.

Is free to down­load You can get a self host­ed domain name from a web host­ing com­pa­ny to host your blog.

It makes it easy to learn since there are thou­sands of free tuto­ri­als, e‑books, videos and a large active com­mu­ni­ty behind it.

Word­Press the most user friend­ly edi­tor. You can choose from thou­sands of free themes or pre­mi­ums to make your site look the way you want.

If you need any­thing, it can be done through plu­g­ins since there almost a plu­g­in for any­thing you can thing of, from E‑Commerce, Secu­ri­ty, SEO, Back­up, Forms and more.

Is easy to inte­grate Word­Press with third par­ty pro­grams like the pay­ment sys­tems like Pay­Pal, VISA, Bit­coin. You can also inte­grate with any email ser­vice providers like Awe­ber or MailChimp . So Word­Press beats all blog­ging plat­forms whether free or pre­mi­um. And you can also speed up your word­press site if it is slow.

It will be easy to mon­e­tize your blog with ads or any online mon­ey mak­ing strat­e­gy you can think of. Choos­ing a Word­Press self host­ed web­site makes enables you to be in con­trol.

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