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Let’s say you want to start a blog and you have to choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny for your blog. But here’s the thing, after choos­ing a domain name the next big task is to choose a host­ing provider. It might take you some time to final­ly make a deci­sion due to your require­ments. There are many web host­ing com­pa­nies that you can find. But as we know only few might suite you.

Please note this is a mon­ster arti­cle with 3000+ words on how to choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny for your blog. If you real­ly want to make a good deci­sion go through the whole arti­cle.

There are too many arti­cles relat­ed to this top­ic, yet after read­ing them you still get con­fused. Why? That’s because there’s no right or wrong answer. You can find a lot of host­ing reviews but on the inter­net every­one is enti­tled to their own opin­ion.

Yet, is very impor­tant to choose the best web host­ing com­pa­ny  for your web­site from the first day you launch. Chang­ing a web host­ing provider might be a lot of hus­tle and you might loose read­er­ship. Loos­ing read­er­ship can make you loose mon­ey if your blog is already earn­ing some­thing for you.

Yet, if you have not start­ed mak­ing mon­ey with your blog you might loose time, as we know time is mon­ey. So invest your pre­cious time on a one of the best providers. You would rather be safe than sor­ry.

There are cer­tain fea­tures that a  host­ing provider should have that will make it reli­able or the best. On this arti­cle I’ll give you some of the actu­al fea­tures that you should look­ing for when you choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny.choose a web hosting company for your blog

Since we are blog­ging using Word­Press as a blog­ging plat­form, so we’ll look at Word­Press web host­ing com­pa­nies.


For Word­Press blog­gers is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed that you choose Blue­Host, but there are oth­ers as well like Namecheap. Those are just some of the top web host­ing com­pa­nies.

The most impor­tant thing is to know what you are look­ing for in a host­ing com­pa­ny. This are the things you should focus on.


A web host­ing price plays a major role. You have to know if you can afford to pay the price. Most reli­able web host­ing offer a price of $2.50 to $6 even though there are oth­ers that charge up to $40 a month. So you have to know what amount you can afford.On Blue­host you can pay $3.95 per month, that is afford­able in most coun­tries includ­ing South Africa

Company history or reputation

There many host­ing com­pa­nies to choose from and they all have a bit of his­to­ry. If is not the com­pa­ny his­to­ry is it’s founders. Is always good to look for a com­pa­ny that has a long his­to­ry with good own­ers.  Some host­ing com­pa­nies might have had a bad per­for­mance when they start­ed. But they even­tu­al­ly improved over time and gain a good a good rep­u­ta­tion.

Payment methods

The com­pa­ny you choose should have reli­able pay­ment meth­ods. The ones that tend to do well are the ones that use Cred­it, Pay­Pal and Bit­coin. This pay­ment options are accept­ed in most parts of the world, espe­cial­ly Cred­it Card and Bit­coin.

Pay­Pal might have issues in some coun­tries. It took a while for Pay­Pal to be accept­ed by South African banks. You could only link your Pay­Pal account with FNB in SA. So it depends on which coun­try you are from, when choos­ing a host­ing com­pa­ny check if you will be able to make pay­ments in your coun­try.

Hosting space

A host­ing space often called Disk Space is very one of the fea­tures that you should look at. Some com­pa­nies offer very lit­tle host­ing space like 2GB, I wouldn’t rec­om­mend such com­pa­nies. You should by all means choose a host­ing space that is 10GB or greater if you plan to blog for a long time. The unlim­it­ed Disk Space is the best but if you can’t find one then the 10GB rule should apply.

cPanel access and Support

cPan­el helps you access all your files, data­bas­es, emails, SSL and more. If your word­press host­ing com­pa­ny does not pro­vide me with this then, I don’t see the point of bring with them. You should be able to access your files from the back­end. In some cas­es you might have to access the .htac­cess file which is a very com­mon file in Web Host­ing. You might need to cre­ate it or cre­ate a new one.


Band­width is the amount of data that you and your read­ers can use on your site. The more your site gets traf­fic the more like­ly it will be slow. But there are high­er band­widths that will not even show when your site get’s more traf­fic.

If the site has less band­width the serv­er gets con­gest­ed and that site starts stalling and that can irri­tate  your read­ers. Is some­thing that you can not take like­ly a web­site speed can make or break your over­all earn­ings if you plan to make mon­ey with your blog.

Customer support

choose web hosting company

This is non nego­tiable, 24/7 cus­tomer sup­port is required. Some would say it should depend on how much help you need. Let me tell you, help is always required in web host­ing.  Whether you are a new blog­ger or a vet­er­an at some point you will need help. So go for a web host provider that has a reli­able cus­tomer sup­port.

I pre­fer a live chat sup­port than a email or phone sup­port. With a live chat sup­port an expe­ri­enced agent can take you step by step on how to solve a prob­lem. With a email sup­port you have to wait for them to respond which might take time. And with a phone sup­port it might be bet­ter but you might need to have enough air time on your phone.  So a phone is also a No for me. Live chart sup­port will always be the best.

Number of domains you can have

In case you decide to start anoth­er blog after a few years you might find your­self look­ing for web host­ing com­pa­ny again. So is best know how many blogs you can host in your host­ing pack­age. It will help you dear­ly to choose the best one.

Email Addresses

For you to look pro­fes­sion­al it will be wise to use your domain email address­es. They are much bet­ter than using the free ones. You need to know how many email address­es you will get on your host­ing pack­age.

Email address­es would also be use­ful once you start build­ing a list for your cam­paigns. You might need to cre­ate a lot of email address­es for dif­fer­ent cam­paigns so make sure your web host­ing com­pa­ny can give you just enough.


Every­one wants to see their web­site online at all times. Image get­ting to your site and your site is down but you don’t know the rea­son. That’s what you might get if you choose a wrong host­ing com­pa­ny.

There’s no guar­an­teed 100% uptime but there are com­pa­nies who reach 99.9% up time, those are the best web host­ing com­pa­nies and the one you should go for. This is also non nego­tiable, when it comes to blog­ging, your blog need to stay online if you want it to be a suc­cess.

Security features

When you choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny secu­ri­ty fea­tures play a big role. How many times does your provider back­up your site? Web­site back­up is the num­ber one secu­ri­ty fea­ture you should have. You need to know that, auto­mat­ic updates are required. This helps you in case some­thing hap­pens to your blog.

All your files need to be in a safe stor­age. Some com­pa­nies give a dai­ly back­up while oth­er give you a week­ly back­up.  One of those two are the best, but the dai­ly auto­mat­ic back­up is much bet­ter.


Do you get the option to upgrade your host­ing pack­age when you need to? If your blog grows faster then you should be giv­en an option to upgrade any­time. You blog might grow faster than you antic­i­pat­ed.

Server Locations

Most peo­ple don’t look at this, but I think we you should. Is always wise to go for web host­ing com­pa­ny that has servers in your tar­get­ed coun­tries. If you are in South Africa you might have a prob­lem with this option though. Why do I say that? Because most web host­ing com­pa­nies who claim to have their host­ing serv­er actu­al­ly use Reseller Host­ing from oth­er major com­pa­nies in oth­er coun­tries.

So don’t be fooled and think that your site is host­ed in SA while is host­ed in USA. How do I know this because I once reg­is­tered a domain name with a major South African web host­ing com­pa­ny think­ing they have their own servers right here in SA.

A cou­ple of months lat­er I stopped pay­ing for the domain. Then after a year or so I check my domain if it was still reg­is­tered. To my sur­prise the domain name showed that is host­ed with GoDad­dy. So it clicked, the Web host­ing com­pa­ny I used bought a reseller host­ing from GoDad­dy and claimed to have their servers.

On anoth­er instance I got a job as devel­op­er from a small host­ing com­pa­ny I end­ed up han­dling their host­ing accounts after a few months. After a while I found out the com­pa­ny is actu­al­ly using  a Reseller Host­ing from a one of the big com­pa­nies in the UK and USA.

You have to know all of this if you real­ly want to blog for a living,most web host­ing com­pa­nies don’t have their own servers as they claim. In case some­thing goes wrong they have to con­sult with the real host­ing com­pa­ny to find out what’s wrong with the servers.

So choose a big web host­ing com­pa­ny that has their own servers  so that when some­thing goes wrong you can con­sult with them direct.

What is the best WordPress web hosting company for bloggers?


choose a web hosting company bluehost packages

Blue­host is one of the web host­ing com­pa­nies rec­om­mend­ed by Word­Press.  The com­pa­ny has been run­ning since 2003 and it host over 2 mil­lion web­sites world wide. Which makes it one of the longest run­ning host­ing com­pa­nies.

I host­ed one blog with them just to test their ser­vice. After using them for a while I can they are pret­ty good. But the what attract­ed me to Blue­host in the first place is the num­ber of top blog­gers who rec­om­mend­ed it.

When it comes to pric­ing, Blue­host is one of the afford­able com­pa­nies that offers shared host­ing. The basic plan is $3.95 per month and you get the best ser­vices com­pared to some of the most expen­sive web host­ing providers. Blue­host gives you a free domain for the first year if you host them. There’s no need to be wor­ried about pay­ing for a domain name your first year.

Blue­host accept the fol­low­ing pay­ment meth­ods:

  • Cred­it Card(Master Card, Visa, Dis­cov­er, Amer­i­can Express)
  • Pay­Pal
  • Check or Mon­ey Order
  • Pur­chase Order
  • Mail­ing Address

Unfor­tu­nate­ly they do have lim­i­ta­tions on even though they say they offer unlim­it­ed host­ing. Their lim­i­ta­tions include 50 000 files per account, and two data­bas­es. But you do get enough host­ing space to host even big­ger web­sites.

You get to host a sin­gle web­site with their basic plan, with their Plus plan you can host as many web­sites as you want.

You do get access to the cPan­el so that you can access your back­end files.

It uses the reg­u­lar cPan­el which is the most used in the indus­try, the cPan­el can be used by any­one.

When it comes to Uptime, Blue­host is def­i­nite­ly one of the best. They have uptime of 99.9%. That is excel­lent in the web host­ing busi­ness which means they are reli­able. You can up grade your account at any time when you feel like upgrad­ing. They  have data cen­ters in US, UK, India, Hong Kong and Chi­na.


choose a web hosting company namecheap packages

Namecheap is pop­u­lar for pro­vid­ing cheap domain name reg­is­tra­tion. This com­pa­ny has a long his­to­ry, is been in busi­ness since 2004. I’ve been using their ser­vice since 2015 and they’ve been good since then.

The Namecheap domain reg­is­tra­tion cost $10.89  while their host­ing cost is just $3.88 a month. I can say that very much afford­able.

About the pay­ment meth­ods, they accept:

  • Cred­it Card(Visa, Mas­ter­Card, Dis­cov­er, Amer­i­can Express )
  • Pay­Pal
  • Bit­coin

They are one of the web host­ing com­pa­nies that accept bit­coin, Of cause I use Bit­coin to fund my namecheap account instead of Pay­Pal.

In terms of sup­port ser­vice they use both email and a live chat. I only used their live chart twice because I know how to do most of the things myself. But in both instances I got a quick response.

The Word­Press host­ing gives 10GB Disk space which might be enough for most few blog­gers. You can divide the host­ing when cre­at­ing your email accounts as well.

You can con­tact their sup­port through Email or live chat. I would say you should use a live chat instead of the email. With a live chat you will get a quick response com­pared to email.

Unfor­tu­natley their Word­Press host­ing band­width is not one of the best, is good for new blog­gers with less traf­fic. When I first launched I expe­ri­enced it first hand so if you are plan­ning to build high traf­fic soon enough, go with Blue­host.

Anoth­er bad expe­ri­ence came after installing Word­Press on my host­ing account and start­ed upload­ing con­tent the site kept on going doing. I even­tu­al­ly con­tact­ed their sup­port, they final­ly solved the prob­lem which it was their serv­er set­tings.  So I can say they have less uptime but I’m still host­ing with them.

Is easy to con­nect your domain name to your host­ing account. I can take you few sec­onds. You will also be able to install Word­Press into your account which is a one click instal­la­tion. Host up to three web­sites on a shared host­ing account.

They give you a cPan­el login and FTP access so that you can access all your files. You can use filezil­lar or some­thing sim­i­lar to login to your file sys­tem.

They have servers both in US and the UK which and you can choose which serv­er to use. You can use a CDN to make your site load faster in oth­er coun­tries. Word­Press has the plu­g­ins to help you set CDN on your blog.


If you want to choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny for your blog then you might want to look at this one. DreamHost has been help­ing web devel­op­ers, design­ers, and blog­gers start their busi­ness online for the last 20+ years. One of the sur­pris­ing fact with Dreamhost is that is inter­de­pen­dent­ly owned yet is been rec­om­mend­ed by Word­Press. Is been doing very well in the past years and can not be ignored. Their sup­port ser­vice is one of the best in the web host­ing indus­try.

You get a dot com domain reg­is­tra­tion for $8.99 per year for the basic shared host­ing. The ones get a free domain is those that choose the shared unlim­it­ed pack­age.

The shared word­press host­ing cost $2.59 per month, it offer a one click word­press instal­la­tion. You can host one web­site on their shared host­ing account you will have to upgrade if you want more web­sites host­ed.

They also claim to offer unlim­it­ed host­ing, but you should know their host­ing disk space is between 10GB and 120GB for larg­er pack­ages.

Dreamhost accept the fol­low­ing pay­ment meth­ods:

  • Cred­it Card(Visa, Mas­ter­card, Amer­i­can Express, Dis­cov­er, and Din­ers Club)
  • Pay­Pal
  • Elec­tron­ic Cash/ACH
  • Gift Cer­tifi­cate
  • Check or Mon­ey Order

Dreamhost’s low­est uptime is 99.74% but they have a long record of 100% uptime from Decem­ber 2017.

They don’t use the nor­mal cPan­el, they’ve cre­at­ed their own which can be tricky for most users.

Their live sup­port can be con­tact­ed through live chat, through inter­net tele­pho­ny or dis­cus­sion forum. They have servers in the US, both Vir­ginia and Cal­i­for­nia.


Site­Ground has been vot­ed the best Word­Press host­ing com­pa­ny in dif­fer­ent polls online. The com­pa­ny is known to pro­vide super fast Word­Press web­sites.

Their Word­Press host­ing pack­age start at $3.95 while their dot com domain is $15.95 per year.

When it comes to cus­tomer sup­port you can con­tact them via live chat, email and phone call.

They have a record of 99.9% up time and a great  web­site load­ing speed.

Site­Ground accepts Cred­it Card pay­ments this include VISA, Mas­ter card, Amer­i­can Express and Dis­cov­er. If you want to use Pay­Pal you have to con­tact their cus­tomer sup­port through the live chat.

They have data cen­ters in Amer­i­ca, Euroupe and Asia and they can be accessed any where in the world. You are able to choose where you want to host you blog.

Final thoughts

As I have stat­ed in the beg­ging of this arti­cle, if you want to choose a web host­ing com­pa­ny for your blog, you wont find a right or wrong answer. It depends on your needs. But out of all this host­ing providers I rec­om­mend Blue­host. Even though my blogs a spread across dif­fer­ent host­ing com­pa­nies with Namecheap host­ing two of my blogs. I still thing Blue host is the best among them.

There are many rea­sons why you can use Blue­host as you one and only host­ing com­pa­ny. They have afford­able prices, a high per­cent­age of uptime. Oth­er things include cus­tomer sup­port, secu­ri­ty fea­tures and you can upgrade your account an time.  Is good for some­one who wants to build a big blog and have lots of traf­fic.

The only set­back with Blue­host is that they don’t accept bit­coin. If you have a cred­it card Pay­Pal issue then you can not go for the third option. But all in all Blue­host are the best web host­ing com­pa­ny.

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