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Email list building: How to build a email list fast

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There are a lot of peo­ple who have not fig­ured why they should do email list build­ing for their busi­ness­es. But email mar­ket­ing has been and still is the way to get your mes­sage to your cus­tomers fast and cheap.

You might have heard some peo­ple say­ing you should not use build a list because it doesn’t work or what­ev­er.

Well it’s a big lie, If you spend time with most online mar­keters you will see that they all use email mar­ket­ing to gain their cus­tomers. The only peo­ple who don’t build a list are the peo­ple who have build their rep­u­ta­tion in some way, only they know how.

list building with email marketingBut for you, if you are still start­ing out, you need to put more effort on it from now. It will help you gain cred­i­bil­i­ty in your indus­try. Any­way you can rely on social media alone because not every­one checks their social net­work mes­sages every­day.

There are still a lot of peo­ple who checks their emails on dai­ly bases and you will be miss­ing a lot of them them if you don’t build a list.

Why you should do email list building?

Email mar­ket­ing allows you to get traf­fic to your web­site. You can include your web­site url when send­ing your email.

With a email list you always have peo­ple to mar­ket to when­ev­er you have a good offer.

Peo­ple in the email list belong to you and they are will­ing to be there for as long as they want. The only way for you to loose them is if you annoy them and they unsub­scribe.

Most peo­ple who use the inter­net have per­son­al emails, which makes it over 4 Bil­lion inter­net users glob­al­ly.

Many peo­ple check their emails on dai­ly basis, to find out who has sent them what mes­sage.

Emails makes it easy for you to com­mu­ni­cate with oth­er peo­ple on a per­son­al lev­el and make easy to build rela­tion­ships.

Selecting email marketing tools:

For you want to do email list build­ing you need to choose a email mar­ket­ing tool or email soft­ware provider. The email tools come with easy to use fea­tures that will make you pro­duc­tive.

Email mar­ket­ing tools enable you to col­lect email address­es, send bulk emails at once, man­age emails, and give you sta­tis­tic about your emails.

Why you should nev­er use Gmail, YahooMail or Web­mail when doing your email list build­ing.

This emails are not designed for build email, and they could close your account if they find you doing that.

There are free email mar­ket­ing tools that you can use but the pre­mi­ums ones are bet­ter and more advanced. One of the free email tool is MailChimp, you can build a list of up to 2000 sub­scribers with it. It allows you to send up to 12000 emails per month.

The only dis­ad­van­tage with MailChimp is that it does not allow affil­i­ate links. So if you are plan­ning to do affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing then you should con­sid­er using a pre­mi­um tool.

Which brings us to Awe­ber or GetRe­sponse, both of them are good email mar­ket­ing tools. They both offer free tri­al, then they will charge from $15 month depend­ing on the pack­age you choose.

Cre­at­ing a com­pelling squeeze page or email cap­ture forms:

Don’t wor­ry how you will cre­ate a cap­ture form, the email mar­ket­ing tools I explained above have that fea­ture. You can cre­ate your own squeeze page using them or find oth­er soft­wares to help you with that.

Squeeze page or cap­ture page is the page that will give a user an idea that they need to pro­vide their email. It should be designed in away that will attract the eye.

Follow this simple tips to design a squeeze page:

Use the right colour com­bi­na­tion on your text, back­ground, images and more. A sim­ple exam­ple would be to use a white text on a black back­ground.

Use a bul­let list to describe some of the things on squeeze page. A bul­let list is easy to scan, and can sim­pli­fy a com­pli­cat­ed sce­nario.

Include a opt-in form on your squeeze page, make it vis­i­ble so that users won’t miss it.

Cre­ate a video if pos­si­ble to explain why the user should opt-in on your email list. Peo­ple like videos so using a video instead of text can give more sub­scribers.

Include long tail key­words when explain­ing some­thing on your squeeze pages. Long tail key­words are easy to rank on search engines.

Include a call to action

After explain­ing every­thing on your squeeze page you should include a call to action. A call to action should be some thing that tells a user what to do. If you don’t tell them what to do they might leave with­out giv­ing you their email address.

An alternative to a squeeze page is a capture form on your website.

You can place a form on your web­site or blog. There are mul­ti­ple ways you go about this. This include plac­ing a form with a email and sub­mit but­ton on the head­er, side­bar or foot­er sec­tion.

Using this method enables you to stand a chance to get sub­scribers direct from your web­site or blog. Anoth­er way is to use a Pop Up form on your web­site. This can be destruc­tive to your read­ers but it words in most cas­es.

Offer an incentive:

Email list build­ing is about being gen­er­ous first. You should not expect peo­ple to give you their email address­es with­out prov­ing to them what the will get. Giv­ing them some­thing is in exchange will increase your chances.

An incen­tive also called a “bribe”, it will allow you to get the required email sub­scribers. There are many incen­tives to give away to your sub­scribers. They include the fol­low­ing:

  • E‑Book
  • Video tuto­r­i­al
  • White paper
  • Info­graph­ic
  • Blog posts
  • Pod­cast
  • Webi­nar

This are just some of them that I could think of. You should be prepar­ing oth­er offers in advance so that you don’t keep them wait­ing for too long.

Make it easy for your sub­scribers to get that incen­tive, once they enter their email and sub­mit. Send them a thank you mes­sage and a link to their incen­tive.

If is a ebook, info­graph­ic or white paper show them how to down­load it so that they don’t strug­gle get­ting it. If its videos or pod­cast tell them how to play them step by step, or set­up a auto­play.

Opt-in and opt-out or unsubscribe

Most emails have an auto­mat­ic opt-in, so you don’t have to wor­ry much out the it. But the email opt-out is the one that you should put more focus on.

You should include a unsub­scribe but­ton on your emails so that who­ev­er decides to unsub­scribe can do so eas­i­ly.

There are Elec­tron­ic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion laws con­cern­ing email mar­ket­ing in every coun­try that bind all email mar­keters to obey. You should abide those laws so that there ant com­plains direct­ed to you.

Include a confirmation link:

When sub­scribers enter their email on your squeeze page send them a con­fir­ma­tion email. This email should enable them to con­firm that it is them who enter that par­tic­u­lar email address.

By click­ing on it the con­fir­ma­tion but­ton or link they acknowl­edge that they real­ly want to be sub­scribe to your list.

Include a thank you page:

After receiv­ing an email address from your sub­scribers send them a thank you email that will acknowl­edge that you have received their email address. You can cut the process short by includ­ing the incen­tive link on the Thank you mes­sage.

What should you do after receiv­ing email sub­scribers

Sched­ule emails that you can send out to your read­ers either on dai­ly, week­ly or month­ly bases. Noti­fy your email sub­scribers when you will send them emails.

Try not to stay out of line by send­ing them emails when they are not expect­ing. That will cause you to loose sub­scribers.

Increase your email open rate:

Choosing a headline

A head­line is the first thing that will help you have most of your emails opened by your sub­scribers. It should be short and to the point.

The easy method is to as them a ques­tion that will attract them to click­ing your mes­sage.

You can also include their name on the head­line if you have col­lect­ed their name and email. This way it makes them feel spe­cial and make them want to read more.

If you promised them to send email dur­ing a cer­tain time, con­tin­ue doing so, so that they would know when to expect your email.

Avoid spam folder

You can avoid the spam fold­er by ask­ing your read­ers to send you a mes­sage through their per­son­al email address­es that they have sub­scribed to you with.

Additional Tips about doing your email list building for your business or website:

Schedule your emails:

Is very impor­tant that you sched­ule your emails in advance. This will allow you some time to breath in case you hap­pen to be out on a trip or what­ev­er.

Most email mar­ket­ing tools come with this fea­ture, so you have to wor­ry about cre­at­ing it from scratch. All you have to do is cre­ate your con­tent then set it up and come back lat­er to check how it went.

Analyse your emails:

Keep­ing track of your email cam­paigns is a very wise deci­sion. You wouldn’t want to waste time on cre­at­ing emails that wont con­vert.

Track the most impor­tant things such as, who has opened you email, who has delet­ed it, who has not opened it yet. All that infor­ma­tion will give you a good under­stand­ing on what needs to be improved.

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