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Free traffic sources to promote your website

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Every­one need free traf­fic sources to pro­mote their busi­ness­es. Traf­fic is the most impor­tant thing to a web­site. If a web­site does not get traf­fic it dies, and no one would like to see that hap­pen to their site.

So as a web­site own­er you need to find mul­ti­ple traf­fic sources that you can use. Hav­ing many traf­fic gen­er­a­tion plat­forms is always a good thing. It gives more options than hav­ing one.

Using free traf­fic does not mean you should exclude paid traf­fic sources. Paid traf­fic is also nec­es­sary because of it’s nature, it has more of a advan­tage.

With paid traf­fic you will get tar­get­ed traf­fic in most cas­es espe­cial­ly if you use search engine mar­ket­ing. But here’s a thing with free traf­fic sources you get long last­ing traf­fic.

Is very impor­tant to use both traf­fic sources though because you will get dif­fer­ent results for both of them.

On this post I’m going to share some of th

e most impor­tant traf­fic sources. I wouldn’t say pick the ones that you like but I’d say use most of them.

free traffic sources

Free traffic sources that should feature in your business promotion


Blog­ging is some­thing that some peo­ple or some com­pa­nies don’t think about. While it should be the first free traf­fic source on your mind. Start­ing a blog is easy and it brings free traf­fic your web­site.

What you need to focus on is to start a blog then write con­tent and opti­mize your pages. Is real­ly that sim­ple, you need to write as many con­tent as pos­si­ble.

Con­tent is king when it comes to online mar­ket­ing. So blog­ging is one of the easy ways to dri­ve traf­fic to your busi­ness.

Choose a self hosted domain

There are many free blog­ging plat­forms such and but I wouldn’t rec­om­mend them. You need a self host­ed blog because it has more advan­tage com­pared to free blogs.

Is dif­fi­cult to cus­tomize a free blog than a self host­ed domain. And is also not easy to make mon­ey with free blog. But all in all blog­ging brings more traf­fic than most traf­fic sources. Or per­haps I should say blog­ging should be the cen­ter of all your traf­fic sources in your busi­ness.

You will have to learn how to pro­mote a blog in order to get max­i­mum traf­fic. Doing so will help you gen­er­ate traf­fic even while you’re sleep­ing. You should also look at effec­tive blog­ging strate­gies so that your blog becomes the best in your niche.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With search engine opti­miza­tion you are sure­ly going to free get traf­fic to your web­site. It actu­al­ly the main traf­fic gen­er­a­tion for blog­gers. This method comes a long way, since the begin­ning of the inter­net.

The SEO strat­e­gy takes more time than most free traf­fic sources but it works like mag­ic ones per­fect­ed. It last longer than paid traf­fic and you might not have to work on it again.

For you to rank your web pages high and appear on the search engine results pages(SERP) you, apply on page seo and off page seo. The aim is to appear on page one of Google when peo­ple search your prod­uct.

Both tech­niques are cru­cial, on page seo focus­es on opti­miz­ing your pages with dif­fer­ent things. It includes insert­ing key­words on your title, meta title, meta descrip­tion and the body. It also involves opti­miz­ing your images and includ­ing inter­nal links on your text.

While off page seo main­ly focus­es on build­ing seo back­links which are links that point to your web­site. With seo you build nat­ur­al back­links on SERP’s which are the most impor­tant back­links.

This links will dri­ve traf­fic to your web­site which is free traf­fic. That is the rea­son why we clas­si­fy SEO as a free traf­fic source.

You need to build as many back­links to your web­site as you pos­si­bly can. Opti­miz­ing your page with on page seo alone is not gonna work. You should have back links as well, find places where you can share your web­site url or your posts. That will dri­ve traf­fic back to your web­site.

Social media

Using social net­works is anoth­er way to dri­ve free traf­fic to your site. All social net­works have the paid option though, is up to you if you want to use it or not. But you can still get good traf­fic with­out pay­ing.

Know­ing how to use social media mar­ket­ing effec­tive­ly always helps if you are doing online mar­ket­ing. By just includ­ing social share but­tons on your web­site or blog you increase your chances of free traf­fic.

You can cre­ate busi­ness pages for your busi­ness or for your web­site. Face­book, Twit­ter, Linked, Google plus and many more, they all give you a choice to cre­ate busi­ness pages.

You can share your con­tent and videos on those pages. That will also help you engage with your read­ers and get com­ments like and retweets. That’s the easy way to dri­ve traf­fic to your web­site through this net­work.

You traf­fic can increase expo­nen­tial­ly if you use the social net­works the right way. You can also build a lot of fol­low­ing with­out pay­ing a cent.

Social net­works are the best free traf­fic sources by far. If you don’t have a social media pres­ence you are loos­ing a lot of free traf­fic. You need to put more focus on it ASAP.

Email marketing

If you had already built a list before then it would be bet­ter for when it comes to email mar­ket­ing. Your if you have not they you should start now. Build a email list so that you can cap­ture emails for future prospects.

There are many free email tools that can help your build a list. They might not be as favourable as the pre­mi­um ones but they are good to get you start­ed.

When­ev­er you use email mar­ket­ing your emails should be spam com­pli­ant. This would avoid you any trou­ble, test your emails sev­er­al times and make sure the set­tings are cor­rect.

Once you build your list, your email sub­scribers can be the first free traf­fic that you get. You will be able to share your recent posts with them, that can send traf­fic back to your web­site.


Tak­ing videos for your busi­ness is now one of the things you should do when look­ing for traf­fic. YouTube is great plat­form for online video mar­ket­ing and a free traf­fic plat­form.

You can take videos and teach peo­ple about your prod­ucts or ser­vices. Take video tuto­ri­als or small video clips and go through step step process­es.

Even 3 min­utes videos can have a great impact on your online mar­ket­ing. The amount of peo­ple who are watch­ing videos is grow­ing every day. Your YouTube videos can also be shared on your social net­work pages.

Embed­ding your videos on your web­site is also a good way to grow your views. Your YouTube videos should get more views and you should also con­sid­er get­ting sub­scribers.

By doing so you will be mul­ti­ply­ing your traf­fic and grow­ing your brand. As you keep on mak­ing more videos the more traf­fic you will receive. Video mar­ket­ing is one of the good free traf­fic sources that you should include.

There are oth­er video plat­forms that you can try. Vimeo is one of the biggest traf­fic sources that is not uti­lized by many. But you can tap into it and see how it works for you.


Find forums that are relat­ed to your busi­ness and start shar­ing yout knowl­edge there. Forums are free plat­forms where by you can share your skills. You just need to sign up and find top­ics that are relat­ed to your niche.

In some cas­es you might have to help answer some of the ques­tions post­ed there. You can answer those ques­tions then share your links so that they can read more.

You should pro­vide help­ful infor­ma­tion that will be ben­e­fi­cial to most peo­ple who might have the same prob­lem. Peo­ple will start being aware of your help then start fol­low­ing on blog and social net­works.

Some of the big forums that you can use as free traf­fic sources are:

Red­dit — You can find a sub­red­dit in your niche and start par­tic­i­pat­ing on it.

Quo­ra — This is one of the biggest forums that you can find many ques­tions relat­ed to your niche.


A pod­cast is an audio ver­sion of a blog post. Pod­cast are good for any­one who wants to get free traf­fic. It can be an addi­tion­al free traf­fic source. You can just record your voice while explain­ing every thing about a par­tic­u­lar top­ic.

Using a pod­cast you can good deep­er and make your lis­ten­ers to ful­ly under­stand you. This can be good traf­fic source and it would work for you share it in the right places.

Guest Blogging

With guest blog­ging you get to write blog posts for your peers, or oth­er blog­ger. You should find oth­er blog­gers in your niche that you can work with.

Help each oth­er by writ­ing arti­cles for each oth­er then have links back to your web­site. You can do the same for them as well.

Take your guest blog­ging seri­ous so that you write qual­i­ty post that would be read by many peo­ple. Make sure that you don’t include bro­ken links on your guest posts.

Doing guest blog­ging might seem dif­fi­cult but is not and you should con­sid­er it. You will get free traf­fic as you keep on doing more guest posts.

Answer Sites

There’s few answer sites online, you can answer peo­ples ques­tions and have links to your site. The most pop­u­lar answer site are, AOL answers and Yahoo Answers.

You can find ques­tions that are relat­ed to what you already wrote about. You should make sure that you pro­vide good answers so that peo­ple can trust you.

Blog commenting

Com­ment­ing might be sim­i­lar to using answer sites. You find blogs that have relat­ed top­ics to yours. You might find that the writer left some­thing out. Or you might find some ques­tions that might not have been answered by blog­ger.

That’s when you should pro­vide the answer and if you have a full post ded­i­cat­ed to that ques­tion then share your link. You should pro­vide val­ue as well in guest blog­ging.


When it comes to direc­to­ries you might have many options to get free traf­fic. Direc­to­ries are not the best kind of free traf­fic sources which is why I list­ed them at the bot­tom.

They are not much val­ued by search engines but you can choose a few that you can use. Place your ads and have links to your web site. You might get a few clicks if you are lucky. In most cas­es it will depend on the type of busi­ness you are doing.

In some direc­to­ries you can place free ads even though Google believes there are only two direc­to­ries that can give you good traf­fic. Those are and Yahoo Direc­to­ry. This direc­to­ries will charge you a fee for list­ing your site on them.

Niche Direc­to­ries can be also bring good traf­fic since the are relat­ed to your busi­ness. Some niche direc­to­ries are free and some are not, find the the free ones.

Article sites

This is sim­i­lar to guest blog­ging, you can either get paid to write arti­cles or you can have links to your site. If you write good qual­i­ty arti­cles then your links might be help­ful.

There are many web­site that will pay for writ­ing arti­cles you can earn from $30 per arti­cle. If your email is to get traf­fic back to your site, you can get up to 3 links to your site.


I hope this arti­cle was of good use to you. And you have found some inter­est­ing free traf­fic sources for your web­site. Please note that free traf­fic might not help you get tar­get­ed traf­fic but it should be used. If you want tar­get­ed traf­fic con­sid­er look­ing at paid traf­fic. More espe­cial­ly paid search traf­fic or pay per click adver­tis­ing is good for inter­net mar­ket­ing peo­ple.

If you still have ques­tions you are wel­come to as I would be hap­py to assist you. Or you might have some­thing to add on this post that I left out. You are wel­come to share your opin­ions or oth­er free traf­fic sources that you might have.

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