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How To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website

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Ways on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic include search engine mar­ket­ing, SEO and SEM, which are the tac­tics used to send traf­fic to a web­site.

Know­ing both tac­tics can grow a web­site to a full online busi­ness with lots of vis­i­tors.

Every web­site requires tar­get­ed traf­fic, the only draw­back is that it cost mon­ey. Which is why most inter­net mar­keter pre­fer oth­er inter­net mar­ket­ing strate­gies to pro­mote their busi­ness­es.

The aim is to deliv­er results that are close to what the user is search­ing for in “Search Engine Results Page” or SERPs, this is the page where search results are dis­played on search engines.

Search engines like Google are “intent base” tools mean­ing, peo­ple search on thinks that they will­ing to buy with­in a few min­utes, days, weeks or more.

Exam­ple: If some types in “Afford­able cars In Johan­nes­burg” that per­son is will and ready to buy an afford­able car.

So you are are sell­ing cars you might want to place ads on Google with such key­words includ­ed.

When some­one search about a prod­uct they are like­ly look­ing to by the prod­uct.

Both SEO and SEM are ways of get­ting organ­ic traf­fic and paid PPC results respec­tive­ly.

SEO stands for search engine opti­miza­tion and it focus­es on free tac­tics used by search engines to send traf­fic to web pages.

With SEO you are like­ly to get organ­ic traf­fic to your site but you are not like­ly to get tar­get­ed traf­fic because you are not in con­trol of what traf­fic you want.

While SEM stands for search engine mar­ket­ing which focus­es on paid search traf­fic.

SEM include things such as Pay Per Click or PPC, Cost Per Thou­sand or CPM.

Since the ear­ly days of the inter­net, users have been focus­ing or won­der­ing how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic to their web­sites.

In online mar­ket­ing if your web­site, blog or land­ing page does not get traf­fic then is as good as dead.

Which is why you need trust­ed traf­fic from reli­able sources. The most reli­able source or tar­get­ed traf­fic is search engines.

Search engines busi­ness mod­el is depen­dent is sell­ing traf­fic to adver­tis­ers, through paid search adver­tis­ing.

So how to get targeted traffic?

With paid search adver­tis­ing such as Pay Per Click adver­tis­ing or PPC you can tar­get your desired traf­fic.

You can tar­get your traf­fic through Google AdWords or Bing search adver­tis­ing.

If you go for Google Pay Per Click adver­tis­ing it could be the best of moves since Google has the largest num­ber of search­es per month com­pared to oth­er search engines.

Know­ing how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic through Google alone might be enough because of the larg­er vol­ume of search­es Google receives.

But off cause you can not exclude oth­er Search Engines since you are tar­get­ing cus­tomers, every bit of traf­fic you receive is worth a lot.

Since we talk­ing about Pay Per Click adver­tis­ing you have to under­stand how it works. Pay Per Click is the fastest way to get tar­get­ed traf­fic.

You get to bid on a rel­e­vant key­word or col­lec­tion of key­words in your niche.

PPC is good at bring­ing sales results and return on investment(ROI) when used wise­ly.

Before bid­ding on a key­word you should do your key­word research care­ful­ly and also con­sid­er your com­peti­tors. You can set a dai­ly bud­get for you dai­ly AdWord ad cam­paigns.

With PPC you can tar­get the geo­graph­i­cal loca­tions you want your ads to dis­play, you can also set the time you want the ad to dis­play.

One oth­er good thing can be the cost ppc ads, they start from a few cents to any amount you wish to pay for each click you receive and you only pay when the users click on your ads.

Email Marketing

With PPC you get to place a land­ing page instead of just the web­site URL.

Usu­al­ly a land­ing page would include a cap­ture email textbox for get­ting sub­scribers. Which brings us to the email mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy.

Email Mar­ket­ing can also help you on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic when­ev­er used appro­pri­ate­ly.

It is been said sev­er­al times that a per­son who has bought from you before can still buy again.

Build­ing a list can bring tar­get­ed traf­fic since you will be tar­get­ing sub­scribers on your sub­scribers list.

Your email sub­scribers are one of your first tar­get traf­fic.

This could some times be the who have bought some­thing from you before.

But with email mar­ket­ing you should con­sid­er adding val­ue to your sub­scribers than just shoot­ing a huge num­ber of emails to them with no qual­i­ty or val­ue.

As you can see both pay per click ads and email mar­ket­ing can be merged into one mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. If you are a per­son who wants to know how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic to your busi­ness.

Directories related to your niche.

Anoth­er way to get tar­get­ed traf­fic is to use online direc­to­ries that are relat­ed to your niche. An exam­ple would be if your have a Law Firm.

You can get tar­get­ed traf­fic by plac­ing ads on Law Firm or Attor­ney direc­to­ries.

There’s almost a direc­to­ry for any or every niche out there. Plac­ing adverts on this direc­to­ries gives an a assur­ance of your desired cus­tomers.

Usu­al­ly this direc­to­ries have dif­fer­ent pack­ages, the free ones can only mean you wont appear at the top of the first page for too long, you will slide down as oth­er peo­ple keep post­ing free ads.

Rather go with the paid pack­ages to stay at the top of the direc­to­ry list­ings.  When­ev­er peo­ple vis­it the direc­to­ry your ad could be at the top of or the side­bar of the direc­to­ry.

That is still the way on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic since the peo­ple who are vis­it­ing that direc­to­ry are the peo­ple who are look­ing for that type of ser­vice or prod­uct.

I believe you can see that direc­to­ries can also be bet­ter than search engines in terms of tar­get­ed traf­fic.

All a user needs to do is find the direc­to­ry via search engines and the find you on the front page on it.

You should always check how big the direc­to­ry is. Some direc­to­ries are very small how many vis­its on esti­ma­tion does it get per month or per day before buy­ing a paid ad.

Sure­ly you do not want to put your mon­ey where there’s not enough traf­fic.

Forums related to your niche

Sim­i­lar to online direc­to­ries, forums are just some of the places that will help you on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic to your web­site.

There are many forums, almost a forum for every niche or for every type of busi­ness out there.

Find the forums via search engines like Google and pick the ones that your would like to par­tic­i­pate in.

The good thing with forums you get to inter­act with like mind­ed peo­ple. You can also find peo­ple who are look­ing for answers about a cer­tain top­ic.

Answer their ques­tions and if you have a link to your blog where you have writ­ten about that top­ic, share your link for them to read more about it.

Start a blog

If you do not have a blog, you should learn how to start a blog, because blogs can be a very inter­ac­tive tool to com­mu­ni­cate with your cus­tomers.

Hav­ing a blog is also a good way for get­ting traf­fic to your web­site.

And also search engines love con­tent hav­ing a blog can help you rank high on search engines if you know how to opti­mize your pages for SEO.

A blog will help you on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic if you work on it long enough or smart enough.

When you are look­ing for traf­fic you cant leave a blog out­side, it should be one of your pri­or­i­ties.

Use Social Media

Even though paid search mar­ket­ing used by search engines is num­ber one when it comes to receiv­ing tar­get­ed traf­fic.

Social media mar­ket­ing has grown in the past 15 years or so. In most social media net­works you get the tar­get­ed traf­fic you want.

What you should know though is that Social media net­works like Face­book are not intent base.  I have already spoke about this in the upper sec­tions.  Search engines like Google are the ones who are intent base.

Mean­ing Face­book is broad based, you can only tar­get a broad audi­ence.

You might not find peo­ple who are will­ing to buy on the spot. You might have to take your users to a edu­ca­tion­al page first before con­vert­ing them into buy­ers.

I would say use social media but in fact I should say look at Face­book Ads. Just like pay per click with Face­book adver­tis­ing you can tar­get the type of traf­fic or type peo­ple you want.

Your can send ads to be seen by poten­tial cus­tomers or send your ads a bit clos­er to your tar­get­ed audi­ence.

Face­book uses a sim­i­lar kind of method used by search engines. It will dis­play your ad to the peo­ple who liked the the pages sim­i­lar to the one you are adver­tis­ing.

And also you can set it up for geo­graph­i­cal loca­tions, select which area you want to tar­get. You can also spec­i­fy the age group and so on.

This could help you on how to get tar­get­ed traf­fic to your site. Do it if you have enough bud­get for online adver­tis­ing. Set a cer­tain per­cent­age of amount that you can use for social media adver­tis­ing.

Target related Facebook groups

If you don’t have any bud­get for the paid traf­fic, you can do it man­u­al­ly. Post on rel­e­vant Face­book groups any time you get a chance.

But first you need to find out from the group admin whether is allowed for some­one to post in those groups or not. Ask first before post­ing before you get banned in those groups.

Face­book is not the only social net­work plat­form you can use to tar­get traf­fic.

Target other social networks as well

You can also look at oth­er big social net­works like Insta­gram, Twit­ter, Linked, Google Plus and so on.

Most of this social media net­works have a paid ver­sion of traf­fic. You can use that and you can scale it up to tar­get rel­e­vant traf­fic.

Remem­ber the email is to receive tar­get­ed traf­fic, so you cant leave any­thing out­side if it can help you get those sales or poten­tial cus­tomers.

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