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How to pick a niche for your blog

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Many peo­ple want to start a blog but the ques­tion that always come very often is how to pick a niche for your blog. This is ques­tion that every­one asks them­selves and take more time to get an answer to.

There’s a need to choose a top­ic for your blog when you are start­ing your blog or your inter­net busi­ness. Choos­ing a top­ic for your blog will give your read­ers an angel on what your blog is about. It will also keep you focus on your goal, and not waste time on things that won’t ben­e­fit you.

What is niche?

A niche is sub­sec­tion of a broad­er top­ic that is ded­i­cat­ed to help­ing peo­ple. This means you can put your focus in sub­sec­tion of that top­ic an spe­cial­ize on it.

For exam­ple there are sev­er­al nich­es with­in the Law indus­try. Some lawyers can spe­cial­ize in divorce law­suits, while oth­ers can spe­cial­ize in tax law­suits, immi­gra­tion law­suit or any oth­er law­suit.

This means this indus­try is too big to focus on every­thing, you can just focus on one subtopic and still make good mon­ey.

Focus­ing on a broad­er top­ic could just delay your progress and earn­ings. That’s the rea­son why you find most peo­ple throw­ing the tow­el after a cou­ple of months.

Why you should you pick a niche for your blog?

There are many rea­sons why you should pick a niche before even start­ing your blog. The first one by far, is mak­ing mon­ey with­in that niche. No mat­ter what, in the end you want to earn some­thing out of the time spent cre­at­ing that con­tent.

The sec­ond rea­son is that you don’t want to be all over the place. Your read­ers should get a sense of what your blog is about, else they not will not stay long.

Third, it would take much more time to cre­ate con­tent for every top­ic that is relat­ed to your niche. Every blog post you write needs time before is com­plete­ly writ­ten and pub­lished.

Fourth, is very dif­fi­cult to rank broad­er key­words on search engines like google. Peo­ple tend to be spe­cif­ic when search online.

Do your research

Is very rare that you find a blog­ger or an inter­net mar­keter who doesn’t do their research. We all know if you don’t do your research you will write gib­ber­ish.

Both peo­ple and search engines will notice that you don’t do your research.

I per­son­al­ly like Ben­jamin Franklin’s quote when he say

By fail­ing to pre­pare you are prepar­ing to fail.”

This is why you should start with your research before you pick a niche mar­ket for your busi­ness.

Consider your interest and passion before starting

Your inter­ests and pas­sion are very impor­tant if you are look­ing to start a niche blog or online busi­ness. In some cas­es you might have done or you are cur­rent­ly work­ing with­in that type of busi­ness.

Or is some­thing that you’ve been think­ing of doing for a long time but had some delays. Shar­ing your knowl­edge would be easy for you if that’s the case.

So choos­ing some­thing that you are inter­est­ed in can be of great ben­e­fit to you. Why? because you are not going to run out of ideas along the way. Even if you do run out of ideas you will eas­i­ly find a way to bounce back to your great ideas.

Problem solving

What you should as your­self is that, what prob­lem am I going to solve with this busi­ness?. Often times when busi­ness­es are start­ed they are tar­get­ing spe­cif­ic prob­lems to solve.

A solu­tion to that par­tic­u­lar prob­lem is the one that will make peo­ple fol­low you and be your reg­u­lar cus­tomer. If you are not solv­ing someone’s prob­lem then you might be wast­ing your time.

You can find relat­ed ques­tions on mul­ti­ple places on the inter­net. Most of the places include forums, the war­rior forum, red­dit, quo­ra and yahooan­swers are some of them.

Peo­ple ask ques­tions they often don’t have answers to. If you are able to give them cer­ti­fy­ing answers then you can solve their prob­lems.

That already gives the edge to start a blog that is relat­ed to their ques­tions. You can use those ideas to build a busi­ness around them.

Is your niche profitable?

There few ways to find out whether your niche is prof­itable or not. Cer­tain fac­tors need to be con­sid­ered to first, which are:

  • high need of the prod­uct
  • low traf­fic, and
  • High prof­itabil­i­ty poten­tial

A high prod­uct demand is show by the num­ber of peo­ple who are search­ing for it. The high­er the search results the bet­ter for you turn­ing it into a busi­ness.

If there are few web­sites talk­ing about that prob­lem then it means you stand a chance of rank­ing your site at the top. The high­er you rank on Google specif­i­cal­ly the more traf­fic you will receive. Or you can use oth­er traf­fic tech­niques to dri­ve traf­fic to your site while build­ing your search engine results.

In case you see paid ads on google, this means there are peo­ple who are will­ing to pay for that prod­uct then you are the right niche.

Niche Brainstorming related topics

This is a step that you should not skip, this is a part where you list down the nich­es you’ve been think­ing about. Take your time and think of few top­ics that you can ven­ture into. You can then make a selec­tion of one to three nich­es that you can com­bine.

You can also use the inter­net to help you, and find out what peo­ple are inter­est­ed into.

There are few tools that you can use get a list of suggestions

Google Suggest

This tool Google Sug­gest or Key­word Tool, uses data from the google search engine to choose and show you pop­u­lar key­words searched for by users.

Just enter a let­ter of the word you want to find and it will sug­gest a list of top searched key­words.

Google Trend

In case you want to find out what’s cur­rent­ly trend­ing on google you use google trends. This tool can help you find top­ics your can write about at the cur­rent time.

Do your keyword research

After brain­storm­ing a list of words that you would to use in your niche blog­ging. You will need to do key­word research.

The brain­storm­ing process will not give you a clear indi­ca­tion of what peo­ple search for. But doing key­word research will, and help you when cre­at­ing your con­tent.

You can use the google key­word plan­ner to see the aver­age month­ly search­es, peo­ple search for that prod­uct per month.

How will you monetize your niche blog

There are many ways to mon­e­tize a niche blog. You have to decide which method are you going to use to mon­e­tize.

Some of the methods to monetize your blog include:

  • Sell­ing Ad space

When using an ad space method you will have to pro­mote your blog to peo­ple who do busi­ness with­in your niche. This can work if you build a high traf­fic blog which gets a lot of vis­i­tors.

  • Affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing

You can use affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing to pro­mote oth­er peo­ples prod­ucts an earn a com­mis­sion for your effort. In this type of mon­e­tiz­ing you need to find peo­ple who are will­ing to buy the prod­ucts in your niche. You can find prod­ucts relat­ed to your niche on Ama­zon, Click­bank or many oth­er com­pa­nies.

  • Cre­at­ing and sell­ing your own prod­ucts

Every niche has it’s own prod­ucts, the most com­mon prod­ucts include e‑books, e‑courses, soft­ware, graph­ics, and more.

You can cre­ate an affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing pro­gram and team up it oth­er inter­net marketers/bloggers. This will help you make more sales with­in a short peri­od. Oth­er blog­gers will help you pro­mote your prod­uct then pay the a com­mis­sion for when sales are made on their behalf.

  • Offer­ing ser­vices

If you are good in any skill that is high­ly required with­in your niche then you can pro­vide such ser­vice. Exam­ple if you are in the web devel­op­ment indus­try you can help cus­tomers set­up their own web­sites.

  • Using adver­tis­ing net­works

You can use google adsense, chi­ti­ka or any oth­er adver­tis­ing net­work to mon­e­tize your blog. This is the easy method com­pared to the ones above.

There are many adver­tis­ing net­works that will dis­play ads on your site and pay you when peo­ple click on your ads. You can place the ads any­where on your site but prefer­ably where the user won’t miss the ad.

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