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How to promote a blog online and offline

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You are about to learn how to pro­mote a blog. After start­ing a blog you will need to send traf­fic to it.

Get­ting traf­fic to your blog is not a one time thing but a con­tin­u­ous process. You real­ly need need to learn how to get traf­fic to your web­site.

Every web­site or blog needs traf­fic to sur­vive. But first you need con­tent before you can start get­ting a lot of traf­fic.

You need to be con­sis­tent in your blog, update your blog any chance you get.

Peo­ple will not return to your blog once they feel that you do not update it. Set your­self some time to write con­tent, you can do it dai­ly or week­ly.

Write good con­tent, as they say con­tent is king. No blog will sur­vive with­out con­tent.

The more con­tent you build the more it will be eas­i­er to make mon­ey online with your blog.

But then you will need ways on how to pro­mote a blog. On this post I share just that.

Follow this simple steps on how to promote a blog

Submit your blog to search engines

I believe I had to start with this one, you have to sub­mit your blog URL on search engines. This is a good off page seo opti­miza­tion method. Search engines allow you to sub­mit your web­site or blog.

By sub­mit­ting your blog, you allow search engines to crawl your blog.

There are mul­ti­ple ways to sub­mit your blog on search engines, you can use a plu­g­in or do it man­u­al­ly. If you decide to use a plu­g­in, the Yoast SEO plu­g­in has that option.

You can also sub­mit your blog via Google Web­mas­ter Tool or Bing Web­mas­ter Tool.

Optimize your post/pages

You need to opti­mize your blog posts and pages for search engines. Opti­miz­ing your blog will insure that you can get organ­ic traf­fic. Opti­miz­ing your pages is the first on page seo opti­miza­tion method that should do. It also a good way to increase traf­fic on your blog.

You can use the Yoast SEO plu­g­in to opti­mize your blog con­tent. Yoast SEO has all the fea­tures required to opti­mize your blog posts.

Fol­low the plu­g­in and you will get good seo organ­ic traf­fic to your blog.

Make sure that your key­words are always includ­ed in your Post Title, Meta Descrip­tion, and all around your post con­tent.

Build a following on social media networks

Social net­works are a good way on how to pro­mote a blog. Cre­ate social media pro­files or pages for your blog. This part of social media mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy which is very effec­tive.

You can still use your per­son­al pro­file as your blog pro­file though. Engage with peo­ple or your fol­low­ers, com­ment on their posts.

Install social share plu­g­in on your blog an encour­age your read­ers to share your con­tent on their pro­files.

Be cre­ative with your post. Design an image that will go with your, post on social media.

In some cas­es you can use the same image you used in your blog post.

A list of social media networks you can use

Face­book — is the lead­ing social net­work in the world with over 2 Bil­lion users. Some of your blog read­er are on face­book already.

You can cre­ate a Face­book pro­file relat­ed to your blog name. Share every post your write on it, let peo­ple invite peo­ple to com­ment on your posts. This can dri­ve huge traf­fic to your blog, every­day.

Twit­ter — Be a reg­u­lar on twit­ter, try to place a tweet at least 3 times a day. Every morn­ing, noon and night.

LinkedIn — This is plat­form is for pro­fes­sion­als. Depend­ing on what your blog is about. You can find a lot of read­ers on LinkedIn, con­nect with as many peo­ple as you can.

Google+ — With google plus comes anoth­er advan­tage, even though some peo­ple do like it.

When you share your con­tent on google+, google can rank that con­tent high if you use the right key­words.

Any­way you can share the same con­tent that you shared on oth­er social net­works.

YouTube — Apply your online video mar­ket­ing skills. Cre­ate YouTube videos as you often as you can. It can get traf­fic to your blog. You can even cre­ate a video for every blog post you write.

Upload that video on YouTube and con­nect it with your blog post.

Con­tent is king remem­ber? Hav­ing text con­tent and video con­tent can bring dou­ble traf­fic.

You have to learn how opti­mize youtube videos and also build youTube sub­scribers.

This just anoth­er good and sim­ple way on how to pro­mote a blog.

Insta­gram — If you can not cre­ate videos for YouTube you can use images on insta­gram. You can upload your blog images on this plat­form and write a bit of text.

Every­time you do so, include your blog post url when you share that image.

Using at least 5 social media net­works to pro­mote your blog, can ben­e­fit you over a peri­od of time.

Comment on other people’s blogs

Anoth­er strat­e­gy to adver­tise your blog, is com­ment­ing on blogs. Com­ment­ing on oth­er peo­ples blogs has been a good way on how to pro­mote a blog.

Select mul­ti­ple blogs in your niche that you can com­ment on reg­u­lar­ly. Respond to the ques­tions if you know the answers.

Do not post your blog links if is not nec­es­sary, but tell peo­ple to vis­it your blog as well and leave com­ments.

Respond This will build a good rep­u­ta­tion for your in your niche

Submit your blog to directories

There are too many direc­to­ries on online, find one in your niche. You can go with a free sub­mis­sion or paid one.

Free sub­mis­sions might not pro­duce the best results like the paid ones though.

But any traf­fic is good traf­fic, as long as you get those vis­i­tor once in while. Sub­mit your site on the free ones as well.

Participate in forums

Be a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor on forums. Forums pro­vide a way for you to share your con­tent.

One exam­ple is Red­dit and Quo­ra. Theres a sub sec­tion for every niche that you can think of on this forums.

Par­tic­i­pate in those sub forums and answer people’s ques­tions. You can even start a top­ic about any­thing you might think of.

Share your knowl­edge with like mind­ed peo­ple and help those. In some cas­es you will share your links for them to read more.

This tech­nique will send your good traf­fic in a long run.

Write guest posts

Be a guest blog­ger on some­one else’s blog. Choose a few blog own­ers and ask them if they can allow you to guest post on their blog.

Up on agree­ing they will be giv­ing you a plat­form to share your skills, and this might return back­links.

When writ­ing those posts, you should keep seo writ­ing in mind. The site own­ers will appre­ci­ate that and they might invite you over again.

You should also invite oth­er peo­ple to write con­tent for you. Pick the good posts and share them on your blog.

This will increase your con­tent and also you can build good rela­tion­ships with oth­er blog­gers in your niche.

Use word of mouth

Word or mouth is still a pow­er­ful pro­mo­tion tech­nique. Tell peo­ple about your blog. This is a method that you can use when your blog is still new. You will even­tu­al­ly get more peo­ple you did not invite direct.

There are many peo­ple who might want to be your reg­u­lar blog vis­i­tors.

Men­tion it to your close friends, fam­i­ly and school mates and so on. Some­one always knows some­one, that’s how you will grow your blog.

Build an email list

You will just have to learn email mar­ket­ing in order to make mon­ey online. Start build­ing a list imme­di­ate­ly after launch, an email list is a pow­er­ful tool to pro­mote your con­tent.

Your email sub­scribers should be one of the first peo­ple to know about your new post or prod­uct.

There are may email mar­ket­ing tools you can use to build an email list both paid and free ones.

You can use MailChimp for a free email list, it allows you to have up to 2000 sub­scribers.

For a pre­mi­um email list you can use GetRe­sponse. it will also enable you to cre­ate pro­fes­sion­al land­ing pages.

Use paid traffic

There are many paid traf­fic plat­forms that can send qual­i­ty traf­fic to your blog. Pay Per Click is one of them. You can use pay per click to get tar­get­ed traf­fic to your blog.

You can use Google AdWords to bit for key­words and get your blog on the front page of google SERP.

Anoth­er method that you can try, you can even go for Face­book Ads. There’s an option to send traf­fic to your blog on Face­book.

What’s good about Face­book is that you can start your cam­paigns from $5. Face­book mar­ket­ing is cheap­er com­pared to oth­er social net­works.

But you can also try LinkedIn, Twit­ter, Insta­gram and oth­ers. Most of this social net­works offer paid traf­fic ads to tar­get your cus­tomers.

Print T‑Shirt, Flyers, Banners and so on

Sure­ly this is an offline strat­e­gy on how to pro­mote a blog. It might not be ide­al for most peo­ple, it requires a bud­get, but it works. There are some who are doing it, and it brings good qual­i­ty traf­fic for them.

Print t‑shirt, fly­ers, busi­ness cards, ban­ners and oth­ers that you can think of. The name of your blog and the URL should be there.

Dis­trib­ute this items in malls, in your neigh­bor­hood, church and so forth.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my list on how to pro­mote a blog. If I have left some­thing out, feel free to share.

If you are start­ing inter­net mar­ket­ing and you want to make mon­ey online you might have to to start a blog. This blog mar­ket­ing strate­gies might come in handy

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