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How to make money with your blog in 2019

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If you want to make mon­ey with your blog then you are at the right place.  Mak­ing mon­ey online can be hard if you don’t know what you are doing.

Peo­ple always want to get start­ed online even though they do, they end up throw­ing the tow­el due to lack of skills.

The firs thing I would rec­om­mend you to do before going any fur­ther is to start and set­up a pro­fes­sion­al blog. Choos­ing a free blog can be cost­ly in the future due to lim­its.

If you real­ly want to make mon­ey online cre­ate a blog that will for you. Once you are sure about your blog then you can use one of this meth­ods or choose a few of them.

What you should know is that for you to make mon­ey with your blog you will need to build traf­fic to your blog.

Traf­fic is the eye­balls that see your blog con­tent. Peo­ple always look for qual­i­ty con­tent, they will return to your blog if you cre­ate qual­i­ty con­tent for your blog.

The best way to write good con­tent is to choose a topic(pick a niche). Find out how you can pick the best niche for your blog then start writ­ing con­tent base on that top­ic.

So now that you know what you need, lets focus on how you can mon­e­tize your blog. There are many ways to make mon­ey from blog­ging, you just need to choose whats best for you and your top­ic.

How to make money with your blog in 2019?

I’ll give you the most impor­tant meth­ods that you can use to make mon­ey blog­ging. Most of this meth­ods can be broad and they all have their pros and cons but you will earn from them if you focus.

This methods can also be divided into subsections that can produce higher amounts of income.

Advertising Networks

The first method to earn an income online is to use adver­tis­ing net­works. An adver­tis­ing net­work is plat­form where ad adver­tis­ers can buy ads and pub­lish­ers or site own­ers pub­lish the buy­ers ads on their web­sites or blogs.

Basi­cal­ly is plat­form that allows you as the site own­er to pub­lish oth­er people’s ads on your site. You then get paid small amounts when your site vis­i­tors click on those ads.

The best Ad Net­work  you can use is Google AdSense, is the most used in ad net­work in the world.

Google cre­at­ed AdSense in 2003 to help web­site pub­lish­ers earn mon­ey online for their traf­fic. It also helps adver­tis­ers get traf­fic to their offers or prod­ucts.

Google will show tar­get­ed ads base on what a read­er searched for recent­ly or what your con­tent is about. The ads are shown based on the user’s inter­est.

Google AdSense is the best method to make mon­ey blog­ging for most new blogs. You need to sign up with AdSense for free and apply and get approved.

After get­ting approval from Google you can cre­ate ads and place them on your site. You will need to choose from dif­fer­ent ad sizes and types(text ads, block ads or ban­ners ads).

There are not too many require­ments with accept that your site needs to be inline with the AdSense pol­i­cy. It can take a few days to get your site approved and you site needs to have con­tent.

Write and pub­lish at least 15 arti­cle before apply­ing for Google AdSense.

There are alter­na­tive to AdSense that also offer qual­i­ty ads. You can try any of them and place ads on your site and earn for every click.

Google AdSense Alter­na­tive

Oth­er Adver­tis­ing net­works that you can use to make mon­ey with your blog

Chi­ti­ka — It pro­vides ads tar­get­ed specif­i­cal­ly to people’s inter­est

Buy­Sel­lAds — It shows ads to most major sites

Blo­gAds — An ad net­work for blog­gers, It gives you con­trol on which ads to dis­play. Blog­gers can set their own price, accept or reject ads.

MTV Ad Net­work — an ad net­work for music, enter­tain­ment, kids and fam­i­ly.

If you want to make good mon­ey with this method you need to increase your traf­fic. As more and more peo­ple vis­it your site and click on your ads, the more mon­ey you will make.

How much mon­ey can you make with ad net­works?

You can make as much mon­ey as you want if you have enough patience. As I’ve stat­ed you need to build your blog, be con­sist­ed in cre­at­ing con­tent and build traf­fic.

Here’s one blog­ger who has made over $370 000 in 8 months with only 10 blog posts.

Some of the articles to help you in your online journey:

How to start a blog(A guide to a pro­fes­sion­al blog)

How to pro­mote your blog

How to opti­mize your blog for search engines(On Page SEO)

How to build back­links?

How to get traf­fic to your web­site?

Promote Affiliate marketing programs

You can pro­mot­ing affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing pro­grams on your blog. Find­ing the right prod­ucts to pro­mote can take time if you are new to blog­ging and it also depend­ing on your niche.

There are a lot of online affil­i­ate pro­grams for blog­gers. You just need to choose the ones that you think will suite you and your read­ers.

Affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing is good way to earn because you can earn pas­sive income. You might have to do a lot of work upfront, such as start­ing a blog and writ­ing con­tent relat­ed to the pro­gram.

You will earn com­mis­sions every time you refer some­one to a pro­gram and they buy the prod­uct.

There are two types of affil­i­ate pro­grams, there’s a one time earn­ing pro­gram where­by you only earn com­mis­sion once when the a per­son you referred makes their first sale.

This type of affil­i­ate pro­gram is good some­times if the com­mis­sions are high. Even though you don’t want to use such pro­grams they are still good to get start­ed.

The sec­ond one is a recur­ring affil­i­ate pro­gram where­by you earn con­tin­u­ous­ly every time a per­son you referred buys the prod­uct.

Most peo­ple pre­fer the sec­ond option, I also pre­fer the sec­ond one. I can just pro­mote the pro­gram a ones and keep earn­ing when mem­bers keep buy­ing.

 As I said you will need to do a lot of work upfront in order to earn with affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing. You can learn more about affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing here.

There are sev­er­al online affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing plat­forms to choose from. You use Click­bank, JVZoo or Com­mis­sion Junc­tion to find prod­ucts to pro­mote.

How much mon­ey can you make with affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing?

The amount of mon­ey you earn with affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing depends on the type of pro­gram.  It also depends on on your niche and the traf­fic you are get­ting.

One of the affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing gurus is Charlse Ngo gives you affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing laws, you can get inspired by he’s earn­ings. Anoth­er per­son you can fol­low is Kudak­washe Sape Tshu­ma from You can learn a lot from him espe­cial­ly if you are in Africa.

You can find rec­om­mend­ed pro­grams for online busi­ness­es here.

Be a freelancer

What skills do you have? What­ev­er skill you have you can offer them to some­one as a ser­vice.

This is a part where you learn to be a free­lancer. A free­lance is some who offers their ser­vices to oth­er peo­ple. This could be free­lance writ­ing, design­ing web­sites, build­ing apps for oth­er and so on.

For exam­ple if you choose free­lance writ­ing, you could write web­site con­tent, user man­u­als, research reports etc. You could write con­tent for blogs, online mag­a­zines, start up com­pa­nies and a whole lot more.

Being a free­lancer gives an advan­tage to work from home. It also one of the eas­i­est ways to make mon­ey online. You just need to pro­mote your skills to the right peo­ple.

Some of the plat­forms to help you find free­lance work are Free­lancer, Upwork, Guru just to name a few.

It does not mat­ter which coun­try you are from, if you are work hard you will make mon­ey with your blog.

In fact a blog will just be a bonus for you, you can start free­lanc­ing with­out it. But hav­ing a blog gives an added advan­tage.

You can get paid via Bank transfer,PayPal, Pay­oneer even Bit­coin. There are bit­coin free­lance plat­forms that you can enter and work for bit­coin online.

The are many careers asso­ci­at­ed with free­lanc­ing, here are just some of them.

Free­lance Wring — Write con­tent for dif­fer­ent web­sites, pub­li­ca­tions, mag­a­zines and so on. I also do this as side gig

SEO Spe­cial­ist — Help peo­ple opti­mize their web­sites a

Web Design and Devel­op­ment — It speaks for it’s self

Graph­ic Design- Design any graph­ic relat­ed images for oth­ers

Vir­tu­al Assis­tant — This is when some­one hire you to assist them with their day to day work like, sched­ul­ing their meet­ings, han­dling their social media and more.

Build Apps — Help peo­ple build apps or soft­ware.

There’s too many skills you can offer as  a free­lancer

How much mon­ey can you make doing free­lanc­ing?

Well, it also depends on you skills and how much you charge, you can charge as much as you want.

For exam­ple a free­lance graph­ic design­er can charge $20 per hour, while anoth­er can one can charge $200 or more per design.

Here’s my per­son­al expe­ri­ence, when I first start­ed as a free­lance con­tent writer, I was work­ing for some­one. I was mak­ing $20 for 2000 words.

Writ­ing is lot of work, you have to do research and write for SEO make sure you include the right key­words. It would take me hours to write such long con­tent.

$10 for every 1000 words is a small amount for so much work right?

Well if you still start­ing don’t expect to make too much mon­ey until you gain expe­ri­ence, build your rep­u­ta­tion. Then after that you can up your rates, you can charge any price.

Here’s a guy who makes between $5000 to $10 000 per month as a free­lance writer. Get inspi­ra­tion from him and start work­ing.

Create an sell your own products

What prod­uct idea do you have in mind? A prod­uct can be an E‑book, Online Course, Images ore more. This is sim­i­lar to cre­at­ing an online store. You can sell your prod­ucts  on your blog.

It is a more advance way to make mon­ey with your blog. It requires a lot of time upfront and it might require  a star­ing cap­i­tal.

What you need to con­sid­er first before cre­at­ing your prod­uct, is your tar­get mar­ket. The prod­uct should be use­ful to the users so that it will be easy for you to pro­mote.

Online Course — There are many places where you can find peo­ple to help you cre­ate your prod­uct. For exam­ple, you can use plat­forms like Ude­my or Teach­able to cre­ate and and see your online course.

You can sell the course from any­where between $25 to $5000 depend­ing on what the course cov­ers.

Ebooks — For small­er prod­ucts such as ebooks you can use Press­Book, a free web­site that helps cre­ate your own ebook. You can edit cre­ate chap­ters, add images page num­ber­ing an more.

Anoth­er tool to help cre­ate an ebook is the Bea­con Word­Press plu­g­in. You can use the plu­g­in to turn your blog posts into an ebook.

If this is not enough you can use more sophis­ti­cat­ed tools to cre­ate you ebook or hire a pro­fes­sion­al to cre­ate for you.

For ebooks you can give it away for free or charge any­where between $1 to $1000. This also depends on what you ebook is about.

Some of the plat­form to help you sell your prod­ucts are Ama­zon, Shopi­fy, Click­bank,  JVZoo and oth­ers.

If you are look­ing for cryp­tocur­ren­cy plat­form to sell your online prod­ucts you can use Biti­fy. This is plat­form that help you sell your prod­ucts for Bit­coin and Lite­coin.

How much can you make by sell­ing online prod­ucts?

Well, it depends on your prod­uct and how you pro­mote it.

Sim­i­lar to an offline store, the more peo­ple get in and buy the more mon­ey you make.

Sell ad space

Anoth­er method you can use to make mon­ey with your blog is to sell adver­tis­ing space on your blog. When it comes to inter­net busi­ness­es online adver­tis­ing is one of the major rev­enue gen­er­a­tors for most inter­net busi­ness.

This means you charge a fee for to some­one who wants to adver­tise their busi­ness on your blog. Ad spaces can range from any amount to any amount.

A price of ad can depend on how big the ad is where is posi­tioned on the web page. Ads on the head­er sec­tion often cost more than the ones below the con­tent.

One of the top blog­gers Yaro Starak explains how he use to charge for a sin­gle ban­ner. That was $50 per month for one ban­ner that was from the year 2000. He then increase he’s price to $1000 per ban­ner per, month 10 years run­ning.

What you should and keep in mind is the amount page views you receive. When some­one buys ads space on you site they might want to know how much views per day or month your sites gets.

So learn how to increase your site traf­fic, that way you can name your with con­fi­dence. And the ad buy­er wont be able resist it your page views are good.

How much mon­ey can you make by sell­ing ad space on your blog?

As I’ve men­tioned you can name any price if your site does well in your niche. A sim­ple tip to earn more with this meth­ods is to increase you page views.

Did I for­get some­thing, maybe, you should know some of this top­ics a broad and are cov­ered in their own unique arti­cles.

How to start a Blog and Make Mon­ey Blog­ging

Trust me the best way to make mon­ey online is to start blog and mon­e­tize it. Rely­ing on oth­er peo­ple’s web­sites can be cost­ly when those peo­ple decide to shut their web­sites down. With your own blog you will be able to make any changes you want when­ev­er you want.

You just need to pick a niche and keep cre­at­ing con­tent. Every time when it comes to mak­ing mon­ey online think long term instead of choos­ing the short meth­ods. Yes you can gen­er­ate mon­ey with short term meth­ods but it means you will have to repeat the process over and over but with a long term goal you will earn pas­sive income. That’s what you should look for, build pas­sive income.

Fol­low this steps to start a blog

Some of the best resources you will need for your blog can be found here

You can ask me ques­tions via the


The best way to make mon­ey with your blog is to increase your traf­fic. If you get enough traf­fic noth­ing will stop you from mak­ing mon­ey as a blog­ger.

But, for that to hap­pen you need to set up your blog to gain traf­fic. Then you should do prop­er key­word research and write long con­tent.

Remem­ber, the aver­age blog post to rank on top 10 on Google is 2000 words. Start work­ing on your con­tent and oth­er online mar­ket­ing strate­gies.

 If you wish to be one of the best you need to put all your dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing efforts in your online busi­ness.

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