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Off page seo: How to do link building

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When­ev­er seo has to be done one has to think about off page seo for their web­site. This blog post will explain the impor­tance of link build­ing through off page seo and how you can increase traf­fic.


What is off page seo or off page optimization?

Off page seo refers to build­ing links from oth­er web­sites that point to your web­site or blog. Basi­cal­ly it is dif­fer­ent from on page seo since it focus on work you do out­side your web­site to increase organ­ic traf­fic. The main objec­tive of off page opti­miza­tion is to get your site on SERP’s.

There are many terms used for off page seo, some include link build­ing, back­links. And one fan­cy name for it is Social Media Opti­miza­tion or SMO, this is one and the same thing.

Do not con­fuse social media opti­miza­tion with social media mar­ket­ing, though they might seem alike. But there’s a slight dif­fer­ence.

In this arti­cle we will use off page seo, link build­ing and social media opti­miza­tion inter­change­ably. This is so that you get famil­iar with all those terms.

Social media opti­miza­tion is lot of work, but every site needs back­links to gain traf­fic. This process is time con­sum­ing but it brings long term results com­pared to paid search mar­ket­ing or pay per click.

What is off page seo about?

Link build­ing is about build­ing rela­tion­ships with oth­er web­site own­er in your niche. As a site own­er you can tar­get sites that have a high author­i­ty.

The goal is to build qual­i­ty links, you should not be hap­py by get­ting just any back­link. Search engines val­ue web­sites that receive high traf­fic, and will give you a high score for get­ting such back­links.

Use the nat­ur­al edi­to­r­i­al link strat­e­gy. This is a strat­e­gy that will allow peo­ple to link back to your site with­out you approach­ing them. Is the best link build­ing strat­e­gy by far.

Write con­tent that most peo­ple would be will­ing to link to in your niche. The more qual­i­ty con­tent you write the more off page seo back­links you might get.

Where can you get good qual­i­ty off page seo back­links?

Unfor­tu­nate­ly you will have to do most of your link build­ing man­u­al­ly. You have do that by sub­mit­ting your site url to dif­fer­ent web­sites, search engines, forum and rec­to­ries.

Search engine submission

Search engine sub­mis­sion should be the first step in link build­ing. Sub­mit your site url to dif­fer­ent search engines. You can find a all in one site that that will allow you to do sub­mit your url in dif­fer­ent search engines such, Bing, Yahoo, MSN and more.

Anoth­er method is to use a plu­g­in, good for word­press sites. The Yoast SEO allows you to sub­mit your site URL

Directory submission

Sub­mit your blog url to dif­fer­ent direc­to­ries. There are many direc­to­ries relat­ed to any niche or busi­ness. Find them and sub­mit your url.

There are paid ads on some of this direc­to­ries you can either buy the ads to appear at the top. Or you can use the free sub­mis­sions.

Social network posting and social sharing

The Social net­works play a big role in online mar­ket­ing. Social media mar­ket­ing is one of the major mar­ket­ing strate­gies of inter­net mar­ket­ing.

So by post­ing your blog posts on social net­works such as Face­book or Twit­ter you can get a lot of off page seo links.

You should also include social share but­tons on your web­site so that your read­ers can share your posts. This will cre­ate a lot of social aware­ness for your blog or web­site.

Blog post commenting

Start com­ment­ing on oth­er peo­ple blog posts in your niche. Blog com­ment­ing has been bring good results for most blog­gers. You can share your links in most of this posts of the need arise.

Guest post writing

This one of the most pop­u­lar ways to link build­ing, most blog­gers use it. Ask oth­er site own­ers if they would let you write for them. Tar­get blog­gers in your niche, it will be bet­ter if you tar­get them than oth­er.

Share good qual­i­ty con­tent on that post and have back­links to your blog. The more guest blog­ging you do the high­er the chance of get­ting back­links.

Forum posting

Forum post­ing is been there for a long time as well. There’s almost a forum for any top­ic. One of the big forums that have sub forums is Red­dit they called Sub­Red­dit. Find a Sub­Red­dit that is relat­ed to your niche and be a reg­u­lar there.

You can start a top­ic in some of this forums and share valu­able con­tent with oth­er users.

You also answer ques­tions relat­ed to some or the top­ics you have pre­vi­ous­ly writ­ten about.

Video Submission

This tech­nique works well if cre­ate videos and post them on YouTube descrip­tion sec­tion. Anoth­er good strat­e­gy is to imple­ment the video mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy in your mar­ket­ing. Cre­ate a video for every blog post and include the post url.

You should also link your site url in your YouTube pro­file. In fact Doing that in all your social net­work pro­files will help get organ­ic traf­fic to your site.

Social Bookmaking

Use the social book­mark sites to book­mark your web­sites url and build back links. The social book­marks will store the sites on its sev­er and have a link to your site which can also be seen by oth­er users, and click on it. Some of the pop­u­lar social book­mark sites are:  Stumple­Upon, Red­dit, Deli­cious,  Diigo and Digg

Classified Ads

This are small ads dis­played in the clas­si­fied web­sites. There are many clas­si­fied ad web­sites that can help you get organ­ic traf­fic. Place your site URL in some of the clas­si­fied ads when ever you are doing a pro­mo­tion.

Print outs

This is a offline strat­e­gy that you can use for off page seo link build­ing. When­ev­er you do a print out whether it be a press release, busi­ness cards, fly­ers and so on. Include your site url to get traf­fic to your web­site.

Use competitors off page optimization backlinks

Look for oth­er sites in your niche and find out which sites link back to them. Before attempt­ing this method make sure you have writ­ten qual­i­ty con­tent.

Peo­ple who have linked back to your com­peti­tors can also link back to you if you have valu­able con­tent. There are mul­ti­ple seo tools that will show you the back­links of your com­pe­ti­tion.

Here’s a few of them: — Go tho this site a put your com­peti­tors url. Ahrefs will show you all the back links that your com­peti­tors is get­ting. If you use this tool wise­ly you can get a lot of poten­tial back links. Con­tact those peo­ple who are link­ing to your com­peti­tors and ask them if they can link back to you as well.

Open Site Explor­er — Also with Open Site Explor­er you kind out the key­words that your com­peti­tors rank high for. You can also find the back links they are get­ting. Con­tact the site own­ers and ask for a back link.

WordTracke’s Link Builders — This tool will help you speed up your link build­ing process. Find poten­tial link builders you can use tar­get to link back to, using this tool. Track all your links includ­ing the ones who have already linked to you.

Analyse you backlinks

You can use some seo tools that can help you analyse your back­links. There are free seo tools and paid ones that you can use to analyse your back links

They include:

Back­link Ana­lyz­er — You can use this tool made by the seo­book founder to do your link analy­sis.

Web Base Link Analy­sis — Anoth­er free seo tool tha you can use to analyse your links. This is an online tool that can assist you in your link build­ing and analy­sis.

Use the broken link strategy

On of the off page seo strate­gies I learned while doing my research for this arti­cle is the bro­ken link strat­e­gy. Find seo tools that will help find bro­ken links on oth­er relat­ed sites.

Then tell the site own­ers that the link they once linked to is dead, tell them that you can link to them. This strat­e­gy might prob­a­bly work won­ders for you after a long time.

Cre­ate a free ebook or soft­ware that you can share with your read­ers. Include your site url and allow them to share it with their friends. This can bring them them back to your site.

Build oth­er small sites that you can use to link back to your main site. You can use free host­ing sites if you don’t have the bud­get to build anoth­er pro­fes­sion­al site.

Tell peo­ple about your site, use the word of mouth. Word of mouth has been one of the best ways to pro­mote busi­ness­es and ser­vices. The more vis­its your web­site gets the the more it comes alive. Search engines will start see­ing as a author­i­ty site.


I hope you enjoyed this post about off page seo opti­miza­tion. This should help you do a bet­ter job in your seo link build­ing for your web­site. There might be oth­er strate­gies that you are using, you can share them with us.

If you have any ques­tions feel free to ask below I would be hap­py to assist you. No HYIP’s please.

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