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Online video marketing : How to increase sales with video marketing

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Get­ting your sales increased through online video mar­ket­ing has become so easy. But how come com­pa­nies over­look video mar­ket­ing?

On this post will cov­er some basic insights that any com­pa­ny can fol­low. This is not only for com­pa­nies even as an indi­vid­ual you can use the same approach.

Videos are more pow­er­ful than text since they pro­vide visu­als. Also videos pro­vide an easy way to edu­cate and enter­tain. Is one of the best inter­net mar­ket­ing strate­gies that most peo­ple don’t use.

So an you cre­ate your videos you should be able to com­bine the two. With a good video mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy a com­pa­ny can turn their poten­tial cus­tomers into buy­ers.

Since the ear­ly days on the inter­net videos have be come an addi­tion­al form of mar­ket­ing.

Com­pa­nies and inter­net mar­keters have tak­en advan­tage of online video mar­ket­ing and build huge wealth.

We’ve seen inter­net mar­keters doing video blog­ging (also known as vblog) alone. At the same time becom­ing mul­ti mil­lion­aires on YouTube. Some of them do this with­out even hav­ing a web­site or a blog.

What should that tell you, it should tell that there’s a huge demand of online video mar­ket­ing. You don’t have to be in the cor­po­rate world to achieve those tremen­dous results. All in your own, you can do it.

If you are doing for the com­pa­ny you work for that’s also great. You could get­ting a lot of clients for that busi­ness, prob­a­bly a raise as well. You will need a few things, the basic ones are reli­able inter­net access and a video cam­era or mobile phone, how sim­ple is that?

There are two more things required to for you to suc­ceed though ded­i­ca­tion and cre­ativ­i­ty.

Scrape the expen­sive video devices, your cre­ativ­i­ty and ded­i­ca­tion can take you far.

Want to know what’s good about video marketing?

You don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly need to show your face on your videos. With ani­ma­tion or oth­er strate­gies you can pro­duce qual­i­ty videos that could sell.

It is well known that videos that include the fol­low­ing tend to do bet­ter, get more views:

  • Com­e­dy
  • Ani­ma­tion
  • Music
  • News
  • Scary
  • Sport
  • Fic­tion and more

But who said cor­po­rate videos have to be for­mal and bor­ing.

online video marketingAll those above can be incor­po­rat­ed with in a busi­ness video and still bring results. As I said, cre­ativ­i­ty plays a good role in video cre­ation.

You need to have thor­ough plan­ning, exam­ple a cook­ing show can turn into a every enter­tain show and bring sales.

If you decide to do tuto­ri­als. Remem­ber they can also be enter­tain­ing and fun to watch.

Why do online video marketing?

Organic traffic

Using video mar­ket­ing can send a lot of organ­ic traf­fic to your site if you opti­mize it. You should learn how to opti­mize a video.

A well opti­mized video can rank high both on YouTube and Google SERP. I believe you’ve seen some videos show­ing on Google result page when you search for some­thing.

That’s what free, organ­ic traf­fic it. The more a video receives views and com­ments the high­er it goes.


You can brand your­self or your com­pa­ny with inter­net video mar­ket­ing. You can look dif­fer­ent than your com­peti­tors. Have some kind of sig­na­ture, that peo­ple will remem­ber you by.

Building a email list

You can build a an email cam­paign run­ning on your videos. There’s always some­one who’s will­ing to sub­scribe on an email list, so they should belong in your list.

Build­ing an email list will also help you build trust with your sub­scribers and clos­er to sales. The email mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy plays a big role in inter­net mar­ket­ing.

Become an authority in your niche

Build author­i­ty, it becomes easy to build author­i­ty with video mar­ket­ing. Peo­ple can already see you or the peo­ple on the video.

They then tend to trust you, trust is very impor­tant. Be hon­est all the time or else you ashh is on the line.

Build leads

Videos are also good for build­ing leads, you can find poten­tial cus­tomers by shar­ing your videos on var­i­ous social media plat­forms includ­ing blogs and forums.


It be comes eas­i­er to con­vince poten­tial cus­tomers to make a sale with a video. The more leads you have the high­er your chances of sales.

So how would you go about doing a high­ly con­vert­ing video which is also enter­tain­ing?

You need create a video planning strategy

Plan­ing your videos in advance will give you an edge over your com­peti­tors.

Find out what your com­peti­tors are doing, you don’t want to appear as if you copied their con­tent. This applies most­ly to busi­ness own­ers or cor­po­rate com­pa­nies.

Watch­ing how your com­pe­ti­tion does it can give you a few ideas and moti­vate you as well. Though in some case as an inter­net mar­keter, copy­ing from oth­er inter­net mar­keters might work.

That’s what make online mar­ket­ing so inter­est­ing, they say you don’t have to rein­vent the wheel. Cre­ate con­tent for your videos, if it means you have to sketch some dia­grams in order to reach to the final point.

Deter­mine your tar­get audi­ence, decide that type of audi­ence would you like to be appeal­ing to.

Create your videos with your audience in mind

Edu­cate and enter­tain your audi­ence, that’s what they are look­ing for. And they’ll be com­ing back for more.

Don’t be too seri­ous in your videos, make them feel easy to watch even for the per­son who’s not in your niche

Tools to help you take quality video

You need a high res­o­lu­tion video cam­era that will help you take qual­i­ty videos. On of them is cam­ta­dia stu­dio, is screen record­ing and video edit­ing soft­ware.

You might need a soft­ware or two, if you take videos via your com­put­er you can use screen­cast-o-mat­ic. Find oth­er software’s for edit­ing and what­ev­er you might need

There are many free tools online, do your research and learn about them. You can use Can­va to cre­ate pro­fes­sion­al look­ing thumb­nails for your videos.

Where or how to promote your videos?

You will nev­er run out of options to pro­mote your videos there’s a long list of social media plat­forms. Most social net­works give you an option to upload a video. You can even upload mul­ti­ple videos at once in some of them.


Most def­i­nite­ly YouTube is the num­ber one social net­work for inter­net video mar­ket­ing.

You can upload as many videos a you like, and as often as you like. Apply the strat­e­gy of  cre­at­ing one video a day. By the end of every year you you will have hun­dreds of videos.

You have to learn how to rank youtube videos. Rank­ing your videos gives you a chance to show on google as well.

Youtube is owned by google, if you do well on youtube you also do well on google.

What’s good about YouTube is that you can build sub­scribers and mon­e­tize you videos.

That’s how most Youtube inter­net mar­keters earn online mon­ey. They also use affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing as well, which you might want to con­sid­er look­ing at it.


This is the num­ber one social media not by videos but by social con­nec­tions and adver­tis­ing.

Face­book has over 2 bil­lion users world wide and it also give you an option to upload a video.

Damn, it also gives you a live stream­ing option. By the way you can live stream with both Face­book and YouTube at the same time.


Upload your videos on twit­ter with a small tweet above it. I watch videos on Twit­ter while scrolling around.

If I’m doing it can you image how many oth­er peo­ple do it, mil­lions of peo­ple right. Those are your poten­tial clients or cus­tomers.


Apart from YouTube there are oth­er video plat­form, vimeo is one of them. It has mil­lions of view­ers as well.

Upload you videos on vimeo and pro­mote your con­tent. Even­tu­al­ly some­one will come across your videos and become a reg­u­lar vis­i­tor.


Do not for­get this one no mat­ter what. You can embed your video with your web­site or blog. But if you don’t have one you need to learn how to start blog and how to pro­mote a blog.

You can even cre­ate as spe­cial page where you post your videos on your blog. Learn how to embed a YouTube video with a blog, is just a copy and paste kind of thing.

Can you see it now? It means all your con­tent can be con­nect­ed togeth­er. That on it’s own brings traf­fic, since you’ll be get­ting back­links to your blog.

This is the best inter­net mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy or you can call it online video mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. What­ev­er name you give it, it works.

Con­sid­er look­ing at oth­er places online where you can pro­mote your video con­tent. Some of them are LinkedIn, include your videos in your emails, Insta­gram and oth­ers

Create content

Cre­ate lot’s of videos, you will always hear inter­net mar­keters say­ing “CONTENT IS KING”. That’s true, the more con­tent you have the more mon­ey you stand to make.

Be consistent

Post reg­u­lar­ly, if you decide to post one video a day you. Imag­ine how many video you will have at the end of each year. Can you imag­ine the amount off traf­fic that will be com­ing your way. Is easy right?

Hire someone

If you can’t do videos for your­self then, you have an option. You can hire some­one to do it for. There are some online video mar­ket­ing com­pa­nies out there and free­lancers, use their ser­vice

Ask them how much they charge and tell them what type of videos you need. Their expe­ri­ence might come in handy.

If you run a busi­ness you can find some­one who has the inter­est of doing video mar­ket­ing. Hire them and let them work to pro­mote your busi­ness on the inter­net using videos. This strat­e­gy might be cheap­er than using a ser­vice of a inter­net video mar­ket­ing com­pa­ny, since you could be pay­ing them month­ly.

So keep going inte­grate your mar­ket­ing strate­gies togeth­er. Blog videos, social net­work pro­files email mar­ket­ing and all.

Track your visitors

Use Google Ana­lyt­ics to track where your vis­i­tors are com­ing from. Your online video mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy might be bring­ing lots of traf­fic some times less.

You need to know what type of videos bring more traf­fic and which ones don’t bring traf­fic.

Analyse the data, it will help you improve the side that you are lack­ing.

In conclusion

That’s all, I hope you learned some­thing from this post, if I left some­thing out, feel free to add. I would be hap­py to hear your online video mar­ket­ing strate­gies and more.

I would also like to know if you are mak­ing mon­ey with your videos or not. This will help a lot of peo­ple who come across this post seek­ing help. Share with us.

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