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How to do social bookmarking for SEO

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On this post I will give you a full expla­na­tion of social book­mark­ing and its impor­tance so that you can use it effec­tive­ly.

In some cas­es you might need to organ­ise the urls of the web­sites you vis­it the most.

You could also want to share them with your friends or oth­er peo­ple in your net­work. All that infor­ma­tion you accu­mu­lat­ed or you’ve cre­at­ed can be use­ful to you and oth­er peo­ple. Is not pos­si­ble that you can remem­ber all the urls of the web­sites you’ve vis­it­ed even the ones you’ve cre­at­ed.


What if you can find a way to orga­nize those url’s in one place and be able to share them when­ev­er you feel like it, huh? You have come to the right place.

What is bookmarking?

Book­mark­ing is a process of sav­ing your favorite web­site url on your brows­er by pin­ning the url. Most or all browsers have a book­mark fea­ture in them.

You would do this for as many web­site url’s as you want, and then lat­er on access the sites with ease. They can be your own url’s address or some­one else’s.

But here’s a thing, book­mark­ing only works on your com­put­er, which means you can access those book­marked sites on your pc only.

This already shows that there’s a dis­ad­van­tage with native book­mark­ing. It now takes us to the dynam­ic side of book­mark­ing.

What is social bookmarking?

Since we’ve already explained native book­mark­ing, social book­mark­ing is the remote side of book­mark­ing. Social book­mark­ing a process of search­ing, orga­niz­ing and shar­ing book­marks. Instead of sav­ing the book­marks on a com­put­er the book­marks are saved on a remote com­put­ers or web­site of that social book­mark.

Why you should use social bookmarking?

Social book­mark­ing is an off page opti­miza­tion which is a good way to back build links to your blog. It a good search engine opti­miza­tion tech­nique that you can use increase your seo rank­ings.

If you are some­one who owns a web­sites or you are doing inter­net mar­ket­ing you need ways to build back links to your web­site. The more of the top pop­u­lar social book­mark­ing sites you have the more your chances of rank­ing high­er on Google.

Searching and sharing

If you don’t want to book­mark your own web­site you can search for a list of the most vis­it­ed sites is impor­tant. It gives a chance to find your favourite sites and book­mark them.

You can use any search engines like google, bing or Yahoo! Copy their urls to a any social book­mark­ing sites and book­mark them. After book­mark­ing them on any social book­mark­ing site you can share the them with your net­work.

A list of top social bookmarking sites, some of this sites are popular social media sites

social bookmarking sites


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