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10 Social media marketing tools to beat your competition with

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Every mar­keter or com­pa­ny needs a social media more than ever now, so they also need social media mar­ket­ing tools.

If ever you have tried to cre­ate mul­ti­ple social media accounts and man­age them man­u­al­ly or if you have not used any analy­sis tool you would see minor progress.

This is why you need man­age­ment tools,  social media mar­ket­ing tools will help you organ­ised your social con­tent. They will also give you insights on what users want or the the type of con­tent and posts they react to.

Instead of cre­at­ing con­tent that will not bring results, rather save time and use mul­ti­ple tools to learn about your audi­ence. That will improve your social media strat­e­gy, assist you in build­ing leads, and increas­ing sales.

On this arti­cle I’ll share some of the most use­ful tools that any social media man­ag­er should have. I might not be an expert in all of them but I have a con­cise under­stand­ing which one you should use and for what rea­son.

Here’s a list of social media marketing tools you can use from now:


Hoot­suite is one of the most used social media man­age­ment tool and is used by over 16+ mil­lion peo­ple around the world. This tool was cre­at­ed in 2008, so is been over 10 years since it was launched.

social media marketing tools hootsuiteIs trust­ed by many for­tune 500 com­pa­nies who use it man­age their social media accounts.

It includes the com­mon social net­works, Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Insta­gram, Youtube and Pin­ter­est. You can also sched­ule your posts or tweets for future post­ing.

It will also help you analyse the per­for­mance of your posts or tweets and your social media cam­paigns. Hoot­suite is also know for it’s col­lab­o­ra­tion fea­tures.

Teams can use it for mul­ti­ple pur­pos­es such as con­tent and con­tact man­age­ment, col­lab­o­ra­tive writ­ing, project man­age­ment and more.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media man­age­ment tool that allows you to man­age mul­ti­ple social media accounts in one dash­board. The tool also has a fea­ture to iden­ti­fy people’s inter­ests which means you can cre­ate con­tent relat­ed to their inter­est.

social media marketing tools sprout socialThis tool can even help you pub­lish content,work in groups, analyse engage­ment reports and more.

Sprout Social can help you focus in the major social net­works, Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Insta­gram, YouTube, Pin­ter­est and Google+. All of this of this social net­works can be man­aged in one account.


Buffer is build for team col­lab­o­ra­tion, pub­lish­ing con­tent, build­ing social engage­ment and ana­lyt­ics.

This tool is built for the web and mobile devices, to man­age and mon­i­tor social media net­works. If you are are look­ing for a tool sched­ule posts for all your social net­works the Buffer is designed for that.

You can select the sched­ule time suit­able for your tar­get audi­ence. The tool includes a free plan but you can also upgrade your account for just $9.99 to get max­i­mum fea­tures.


Tweet­Deck is plat­form that you can use to man­age mul­ti­ple twit­ter accounts in one appli­ca­tion. The great news is that the app is free, you can even use it in your mobile device. You can down­load the app on your desk­top for Mac or PC, for Android or iOS.

Twit­ter bought this app for $40 and inte­grat­ed in to to help peo­ple access direct from their site.

This tool is good for some­one who has two or more twit­ter accounts, you can bring them under one roof. It will save you and improve your twit­ter mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy.


Buz­zsumo is not real­ly a social media man­age­ment tool like the ones on the this list. Is a tool to increase social media traf­fic on your web­site.

It will lit­er­al­ly help you find out what peo­ple are talk­ing about on social media. This sim­ply means find­ing influ­encers infor­ma­tion.

social media marketing tools buzzsumoWith buz­zsumo you can find the most shared con­tent on your web­site or the your com­peti­tors web­site. Is good for find­ing great con­tent ideas.

You can just paste the url of your choice in the buz­zsumo search box, it will show you the most shared con­tent on social media chan­nels.

This can help you analyse your com­peti­tors con­tent and cre­ate sim­i­lar con­tent which can also be shared on social media.

Google Analytics

Google Ana­lyt­ics is a mul­ti-pur­pose tool, which can be used to analyse seo traf­fic, pay per click traf­fic and social media traf­fic.

This tool can give you analy­sis on the social media chan­nel, which social chan­nels bring most traf­fic from which loca­tions and so on.

Is best to con­nect your web­site with the google ana­lyt­ics so that you can analyse your social traf­fic direct from this tool.

If you are using word­press you can install the Google Ana­lyt­ics Dash­board for WordPress(GADWP) plu­g­in. This plu­g­in will enable you to mon­i­tor your web­site traf­fic direct on your word­press dash­board.

Facebook Insights

This is a manda­to­ry too to use it can help you enhance your face­book mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy. if you a face­book fan page or busi­ness page, you should analyse the per­for­mance of it with this tool.

Learn how your fans are inter­ac­tive with your page, are they leav­ing com­ments or, then take it from there.

This tool can save you a lot of time and mon­ey, instead of going for expen­sive tools rather start with this one first. You can improve your face­book results then go for oth­er tools lat­er.


social media marketing tools spredfastYou will often need tools to mon­i­tor the effec­tive­ness of your social media cam­paigns. From Lithi­um tech­nolo­gies, Spred­fast is that tool you can use to find out whether peo­ple inter­act with your social con­tent or not.

It will show you sim­i­lar cam­paigns in your indus­try to help you see were you stand.


Brand­watch is a great tool for mon­i­tor­ing your brand name on social media chan­nels. You can analyse how often you brand is spo­ken about across the inter­net.

This tool is great for media to large com­pa­nies, thus far is trust­ed by the fol­low­ing com­pa­nies, Uniliv­er, Microsoft, Dell, Wal­mart, L’OREAL just to men­tion a few.

Lithium Social Media Management

Lithi­um is a social media mon­i­tor­ing tool that you can use for pub­lish­ing con­tent that will res­onate with your tar­get audi­ence. It can also be used to auto sched­ule future posts and plan inte­grat­ed cam­paigns with aligned ads, up com­ing events, emails and more

Lithi­um meets the same stan­dards as hoot­suite, buffer and sprout­so­cial. This can be a great alter­na­tive tool for man­ag­ing mul­ti­ple social media chan­nels.

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