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What is SEO? A simple explanation

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What is SEO real­ly? If you’ve been won­der­ing what SEO is?. On this post I’ll explain it in full. SEO short for Search Engine Opti­miza­tion is the com­bined tech­niques to opti­mize any web page to rank high­er on search engines.

If you were won­der­ing how search engines work, this post might give you a light. Search Engine Opti­miza­tion can help your busi­ness gain more cus­tomers.

Mas­ter­ing those tech­niques gives those who can rank high­er in search engines more leads. It does not not mat­ter whether they work­ing for them­selves or for oth­er com­pa­nies.

Hav­ing an under­stand­ing of what is seo and how search engines work is one of the major advan­tage to rank­ing any web page high.

what search engine optimizationRank­ing in the top 100 is con­sid­ered to be good in most cas­es. There are some web­sites that can not even reach the top 100 on the search results page.

Why is that? because their pages might not have the nec­es­sary SEO fea­tures.

If you can con­stant­ly show in the top rank­ings on major search engines like Google or Yahoo you could eas­i­ly get more busi­ness com­ing your way. Those site vis­i­tors can turn into buy­ers over a cer­tain peri­od of time

On Page and Off Page SEO

When talk­ing about Search Engine Opti­miza­tion we can not leave on page opti­miza­tion and off page opti­miza­tion.

On Page Opti­miza­tion — includes opti­miz­ing your page inter­nal­ly, mak­ing your web pages easy to crawl by search engines. Web­mas­ters can not miss this one since it is the basic part of opti­miz­ing your your web pages.

On Page Optimizing should include the following:

  • Title — Should be bold and include key­words in
  • Meta descrip­tion — Should be pre­cise and also include key­words as well
  • URL and Hyper­links — should have inter­nal and exter­nal links, most­ly inter­nal
  • Image Opti­miza­tion ‑should include a descrip­tive ALT Tag
  • Key­words and con­tent length — Write over 500 words on your posts and keep your key­word den­si­ty between 2–4% at all times.
  • Sitemap — Sub­mit your web­site URL to all the big search engines and use the google web­mas­ters tool to make sure the search engines can read the site.

Off Page Optimization

Off page includes more sophis­ti­cat­ed type of opti­miza­tion. This is the tech­nique you can use to send traf­fic to your site using back­links. Here are some of the things to look at when doing off page seo:

  • Google Ana­lyt­ics- is free and it helps analyse your site’s per­for­mance and to see what peo­ple get to end up on your page.
  • Social Media- Cre­ate accounts in the major social media sites like Face­book, tweet­er, Google+, LinkedIn and oth­ers. Use your social media mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy.Be active and post as often as you can with the links back to your posts.
  • Key­word Track­ing- Keep track of the key­words used to link vis­i­tors back to your site, you can man­u­al­ly do that on google or find any oth­er free or paid tool on the inter­net.

Types of SEO

White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO

White Hat SEO - refers to the authen­tic method fol­lowed by SEO spe­cial­ists to rank high on search engines result pages. Google has set the stan­dard for most search engines and White Hat SEO fol­lows those stan­dards.

White Hat SEO includes writ­ing qual­i­ty con­tent for your site. Qual­i­ty con­tent also include writ­ing long con­tent, includ­ing rel­e­vant key­words in the write places. Includ­ing hyper-links for both inter­nal and exter­nal use, includ­ing meta descrip­tion and more.

Black Hat SEO - it refers to the tech­niques that do not com­ply to the stan­dards set by search engines. Using this tech­niques can be faulty since they do not fol­low the Google guide­lines.

Those tech­niques might include key­word staffing, includ­ing non rel­e­vant links, hid­ding key­words with the back­ground colour and more.

Gray Hat — This is a com­bi­na­tion of both white hat and black hat tech­niques. The inter­net mar­keter can fol­low the search engine guide­lines on some occa­sions. But then add a bit of black hat on on some instances to opti­mize he’s/her con­tent.

Com­mon Black Hat SEO tech­niques include spam links, key­word stuff­ing, cloak­ing, hid­den text, and hid­den links and oth­er incor­rect meth­ods.

Organic Search vs Paid Search

Organ­ic search —  The tech­niques used for this type of search is organ­ic or nat­ur­al. Using organ­ic search is the most rec­om­mend­ed method since the mar­keter fol­lows search engine guide­lines to rank for the high­er spot in search engine results.

White Hat SEO falls under this type of method, since it fol­lows the nat­ur­al guide­lines of SEO.

Paid search - as the name states, paid search are adver­tise­ments or ads that you can buy to rank high on search engines results. Pay Per Click ads are some of them.

All types of search are a result of relat­ed key­words typed by a search engine user. This ads are spon­sored and they dis­play on the to right just above the organ­ic search just below the search box on search engines

Conclusion on what is seo

I hope this infor­ma­tion will be avail­able to you. Learn­ing what is seo should get you clos­er to rank high on search engines.

If you are start­ing an online busi­ness you will have to learn how to start a blog. Use all the tech­niques of SEO to dri­ve traf­fic to your blog or web­site.

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