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The wordpress plugins ultimate guide

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Word­Press has the coolest fea­tures than most con­tent man­age­ment sys­tems but what makes it even bet­ter is the word­press plu­g­ins that I’ll talk about here.

There’s thou­sands of plu­g­ins online, and they all have their valu­able use. There’s almost word­press plu­g­ins for almost any­thing that you can do online. You can  cus­tomized your own  theme and add extra fea­tures to it with var­i­ous plu­g­ins.

On this post I will cov­er some of the most impor­tant plu­g­in that you can use. You don’t have to use all of them  but you can select the ones spe­cif­ic to your needs. I will give at least two to three plu­g­ins for every fea­ture need­ed.

Security Plugins:

Every Word­Press blog needs to be pro­tect­ed from spam­mers and hack­ers. There are many sto­ries of peo­ple of their blogs being hacked online.

Sure­ly you wouldn’t want some­thing like that to hap­pen to your work, you have worked hard to get it there. Which is why I had to start with secu­ri­ty plu­g­ins so that you don’t for­get about your site pro­tec­tion.

Akismet Anti Spam

This is a default word­press plu­g­in that you can use to pro­tect your blog from spam. Is auto­mat­i­cal­ly installed, you just have to acti­vate it and set up your API key for it to work.


This plug is one of the best secu­ri­ty plu­g­ins, it includes fea­tures such as pass­word pro­tec­tion, Google reCaptcha, a Two Fac­tor Authentication(2FA), auto­mat­ic scan and more.

There’s a free ver­sion and pre­mi­um ver­sion that costs about $80 annu­al­ly.

Securi Security

This word­press plu­g­in strength­ens your blog by mon­i­tor­ing most of the secu­ri­ty stuff. Securi logs all your all your site activ­i­ty into a cloud to pro­tect it.

Some of the main fea­tures of securi is prov­ing Secu­ri­ty File Integri­ty Monitoring(SFIM), Mal­ware scan­ning, black­list mon­i­tor­ing and more.

Backup plugins:

You should back­up all your word­press files and data­base so that you don’t loose any of them. Is bet­ter to be cau­tious than sor­ry. Let’s look at some of the word­press plu­g­ins that you can use to back­up your blog.

Database Backup Plugin

Since Word­Press is a data­base dri­ven soft­ware you will need a way to pro­tect your data­base. The easy way is to back­up your data­base when­ev­er you want.

You can install the Data­base Back­up Plu­g­in, acti­vate and set­up to sched­ule the back­up. The best way is to set up so that it backs up your data­base dai­ly.


This is a pre­mi­um ver­sion of a back­up plu­g­in that comes from iThemes. You can set­up your back­up sched­ules, for mul­ti­ple auto­mat­ic back­ups.

It can help you back­up oth­er plu­g­ins, themes, and media library. All of this from a start­ing amount of $80 annu­al­ly.

SEO Plugins:

When you start your blog you will need plu­g­ins that will help you opti­mize your word­press pages and posts. You need on page seo opti­miza­tion plu­g­ins order for your site to well on search engines.

You can choose either one of the below seo plu­g­ins to help your site to rank high. SEO plu­g­ins include opti­miz­ing your title, sub­head­ing, images and oth­ers.

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plu­g­in is one of the most trust­ed seo opti­miza­tion tools that I also use. It has all the nec­es­sary fea­tures that are required do on page opti­miza­tion.

You can opti­mise your site title, url, meta descrip­tion, sub­head­ings, inter­nal links and read­abil­i­ty of your text.

Anoth­er best fea­ture is the key­word track­ing which counts the num­ber of key­words you have on your con­tent.  This plu­g­in actu­al­ly beats all seo plu­g­ins and is free but you can upgrade to a paid ver­sion.

All in one SEO Pack

The All in one seo pack plu­g­in is also free, it has many uses that you might like. But it also works sim­i­lar to the plu­g­in in above. You can opti­mize all your pages and posts with it.

It is com­pat­i­ble with PHP 7 and has fea­tures such as Google Ana­lyt­ics, Google sitemap and Accel­er­at­ed Mobile Pages (AMP). Some of it’s fea­tures can be found on sep­a­rate plu­g­ins.

E‑commerce Plugins:

If you are plan­ning to sell items online then you will need tools that will help you place those items and cus­tomize your site for users. You can turn your site into mini online shop­ing store.

Word­Press has sev­er­al plu­g­ins that you can use for your e‑commerce busi­ness. Most e‑commerce plu­g­ins can be inte­grat­ed into online shop­ping sys­tems for them to work prop­er­ly. The plu­g­ins can include the pay­ment sys­tems such as Pay Pal, Elec­tron­ic Fund Transfer(EFT) and oth­er pay­ment sys­tems.

WooCommerce Plugin

This is the biggest ecom­merce plu­g­in for word­press. Is used by over 40% of the online stores word wide. Woo Com­merce has many fea­tures required to build a online shop.

You can sell any prod­uct from tan­gi­ble items to dig­i­tal items with this plu­g­in. This is a well sup­port­ed plu­g­in with an easy to use set­up, it can be cus­tomized into most par­ent and child themes. It is extendible with addi­tion­al fea­tures and works very well with SEO plu­g­ins like Yoast and oth­er.

Shopify for WordPress

This is anoth­er best e‑commerce plu­g­in that you can use to sell stuff online via shopi­fy. Is paid plu­g­in that can be inte­grat­ed into your shopi­fy account and allow you to add items for users on your site.

This is a mobile friend­ly plu­g­in mean­ing any­one who access your site on any mobile device will be able to view your items with­out any glitch­es. Shopi­fy is also well sup­port­ed with a lot of exten­sion fea­tures to select from.

Website Tracking and Analysis Plugins

Every now and again you will need to check and analyse the per­fo­mance of your web­site. And for that you will need a trac­ck­ing tool like Google Ana­lyt­ics.

There are many plu­g­ins that you can install into your word­press dash­board and inte­grate them with your Google Ana­lyt­ics track­ing code. Before you install any of this plu­g­ins cre­ate a Goolge Account and get a web­site track­ing code.

Use this plu­g­ins to gain more insight about your web­site and to know where your users come from. Here are three plu­g­ins you can use today for web­site and user track­ing:

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP(GADWP) plugin

GADWP is a freemi­um plu­g­in that you can down­load and install in your word­press dash­board. Is easy to inte­grate with Google Ana­lyt­ics and to use.

Get insights such as the user ses­sion, page views, bounce rate, organ­ic search­es and more on your word­press dash­boad. For a full insight you can go to your google ana­lyt­ics dash­board.

MonsterInsights plugin

If you are con­sid­er­ing using an advance pre­mi­um web­site track­ing plu­g­in then Mon­sterIn­sights is the one for you. Get all the data required to make data-dri­ven deci­sions to grow your busi­ness.

Three pack­ages you can select from, they include Agency, Pro and Plus. This are from the basic plan for indi­vid­u­als or small­er web devel­op­ment com­pa­nies and larg­er dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing agen­cies.

Website Loading Speed Plugins:

Web­site speed is very impor­tant, I cov­ered a post where I explain how you can speed up your word­press site. Your web­site vis­i­tors are not going to stay with you if your site is slow.

The are many ways to make your site to load extreme­ly fast. There are word­press plu­g­ins ded­i­cat­ed just for that.

W3 Total Cache

A free per­for­mance plu­g­in that can be used to speed up word­press in no time. W3 Total Cache includes the Con­tent Deliv­ery Net­work (CDN) which is fea­ture that dis­trib­utes your web­page files to mul­ti­ple servers world wide to make them eas­i­ly acces­si­ble.

It also includes Page Caching and Mini­fy which removes white­spaces in files to make them small­er.

WP Super Cache

This plu­g­in gen­er­ates html files for every php file request­ed and dis­plays the near­est files. WP Super Cache has most fea­tures that are avail­able in W3 Total Cache, you can use either one of them.

It has default CDN inte­gra­tion, it caches for both desk­top an mobile devices. Anoth­er good fea­ture is that it includes Page com­pres­sion and can do mul­ti­ple cache. Best of all is a free plu­g­in, you can down­load it and install it.

Sitemap Plugins:

When search engines crawl your web­site files they also look for a sitemap. A sitemap helps to organ­ise your web­site links for search engines. It struc­ture them accord­ing­ly so that they are read­able.

Google XML Sitemap

The most pop­u­lar sitemap word­press plu­g­in you can find. This plu­g­in gen­er­ates a xml sitemap file which is stored on your web­site files to be indexed.

Some of the plu­g­ins that include the xml sitemap fea­ture are the Yoast SEO and the Jet­Pack plu­g­in.

Mobile/Responsive Design Plugins:

Most peo­ple access the inter­net using mobile devices, so if your site is not mobile friend­ly you will loose vis­i­tors. Hav­ing a mobile respon­sive site is no longer an option is a demand.

If your Word­Press theme does not include the mobile respon­sive fea­ture you can use word­press plu­g­ins to change it. Your site should also load fast on mobile devices so that your read­ers wont leave.


This plu­g­in enables you to set your them to fit on mobile screens. It makes your site com­pat­i­ble both on desk­top and mobile devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

After mak­ing your word­press site mobile friend­ly you will need to speed it it on mobile devices as well. AMP is a plu­g­in that accel­er­ates your web­site load­ing speed on mobile devices.

Contact Form Plugins:

You might need a con­tact form on your word­press site. Instead of plac­ing your email and phone num­bers a con­tact form might be use­ful.

There are many con­tact form plu­g­ins that you can choose from them but you need ones that will fit your site.

Contact Form 7

This is the most well know con­tact form plu­g­in used by many peo­ple. The Con­tact Form 7 plu­g­in enables you to include a con­tact form on your web­site.

Down­load and install the plu­g­in and acti­vate. You might need to set it up to meet your theme needs.

Ninja Forms

With Nin­ja Forms you can build your own word­press con­tact form by drag­ging and drop­ping required fea­tures. You can include your required fields and ignore those that you don’t need.

Gravity Forms

Grav­i­ty forms is a more advance word­press con­tact form plu­g­in with more fea­tures. With this plu­g­in you can cre­ate almost any type of form you might thing of, from order forms to col­lect­ing more infor­ma­tion on your web­site. It also has add on for oth­er sys­tems like pay­ment options like Pay­Pal, email mar­ket­ing sys­tems and more. Click here to get the grav­i­ty forms plu­g­in

Commenting Plugins:

As web­site own­er you need your read­ers to leave com­ments on your site. Com­ments are good for build­ing engage­ments with your read­ers.

Com­ments also make your web­pages to rank high on search engines because the make your site active.

Word­Press has a default com­ment fea­ture but you can make it more advanced and easy to use. You need plu­g­ins that will help your user to leave com­ments using many meth­ods.


The Dis­qus plu­g­in is one of the most trust­ed com­ment­ing plu­g­in that you can choose. It works well on desk­tops and mobile devices.

Is easy to install and to con­fig­ure, you can make it fit your word­press theme and look like it came with it. Some of its fea­ture include fil­ter­ing cer­tain words, spam con­trol and more.


If you are look­ing for a live com­ment updates and real time com­ment­ing word­press plu­g­ins then this is one of them. This plu­g­in has a friend­ly user inter­face where users can high­light, bold, or write ital­ic con­tent.  It also allow your read­ers to sub­scribe to com­ment noti­fi­ca­tions through emails.

Social Media Sharing Plugins:

A blog needs a way for its users to share the blog posts on their pro­files. This makes it easy for you to enhance your social media mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy.

Social share but­tons can also help you build more back­links to your web­site or blog. There’s quite too many social media plu­g­ins for word­press that you can use but I’ll list only few.

Social Warfare

This is amongst the best social media word­press plu­g­ins that allows users to share the con­tent. It can be cus­tomized to include only the desired social share but­tons.

It has over 12 share but­tons to choose from includ­ing FB, Twit­ter and LinkedIn. You can also choose where you want to place the but­tons on your posts.


SumoMe is not just one of those ordi­nary social share word­press plu­g­ins, it includes many fea­tures such as Linkbuilder, Scroll­box, Leads, and more.

On top of all those fea­ture it includes a social share but­ton that can let read­ers share your con­tent. Best of all is a free tool which should nev­er be missed.

Lead Generation Plugins:

If you want to sur­vive for a very long time online you need ways to gen­er­ate con­sis­tent new leads. Every online busi­ness needs a few email mar­ket­ing, ways to cap­ture email address­es so it reach dai­ly vis­i­tors. A lead cap­ture plu­g­in pro­vides such func­tion­al­i­ty. You need to choose word­press plu­g­ins that you can use to gen­er­ate leads.


As I have stat­ed, SumoMe is like a all in one word­press plu­g­in that can help you with blog mar­ket­ing. You can install this plu­g­in and let it help you col­lect leads from your read­ers.


One of the great­est plu­g­ins, it let’s you col­lect leads on your blog. You can cus­tomize it to show lead cap­ture form on the top, side­bar or bot­tom sec­tion.

It can also help you to send new blog post noti­fi­ca­tions to your email sub­scribers.

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